The Sims 4 and two video cards

I consider myself a tech savvy person. Grew up with computers and even used DOS back in the days. I troubleshoot most of my own computer problems – probably also cause most of the problems.

So this Summer I bought a fancy new laptop, it sounded amazing – 16 Gig of Ram, Nvidia graphics card and a whole load of other nice things. I bought it with The Sims 4 in mind and for the last 3 weeks the game just hasn’t felt right on my laptop. It was laggy and would slow my laptop down a lot. Today at work (I work in technical/computer related troubleshooting) I randomly saw something come by about computers having 2 Graphics Cards and games not using the proper card, but I did not have time to study it however as work is insanely busy.

What does one do during that time? Ask Crinrict about it, she is the queen of all technical The Sims questions.

Turns out you have to force The Sims 4 to use the proper graphics card. I advise everybody with a laptop and two graphic cards to follow the easy steps on her blog and to make sure you use the correct card! Scroll down to ‘you have two graphics cards’  on this page.


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