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The Sims 4 SimGuru Avatars

Written by sww

The SimGurus are slowly updating their Avatars to The Sims 4 versions of themselves! The Create-A-Sim possibilities are so incredibly diverse and just endless in The Sims 4! Overall the skintone looks much smoother from what we saw at Gamescom. These avatars are made in The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim, not photoshop/renders. Real stuff that we’re going to get! 


@SimguruMarion – This Sim looks just like her! I’ve met her at Gamescom and it is amazing how such a stylized game can portray a person perfectly!






@SimGuruLyndsay – Completely different than the looks we have had so far!


@SimGuruMeatball – Notice the subtle beard, the intense blue eyes and new glasses!


@SimGuruRusski – LOVE the hair! That is my haircut in RL, I am incredibly excited about this. Also love the blue color of the eyes


@SimGuruShannon – New top for women, awesome haircut and subtle brown eye color!


@SimGuruMartin – Cowboy hat! Awesome beard.


@SimGuruRyan – Sims can definitely rock the bald look! And look at the subtle green eye color.


@SimGuruSarah – I believe this is made in an older version of CAS. Look at the difference! (and the hairstyle is so cute)

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  • I am much happier with these Sims than I was with the Sims 3 Sims pre-release. I love the TS4 Sims, there are still some niggly bits but I give them an 8/10 which is impressive for me 🙂