The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Veterinarian Official Gameplay Trailer

Written by deagh

There is a new trailer out for The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs! This one goes into some detail on how the new Veterinarian career will work. After watching the trailer I am even more excited about the pack than I already was, and that’s saying something!

I was expecting the veterinarian career to work like the doctor career that came with Get to Work, except with pets, but it does not. Veterinary clinics will work like the retail and restaurant venues that were added with Get to Work. The veterinarian will own the clinic and can hire and train employees and will need to advertise and take good care of their patients – and owners – to manage a good star rating for the business. As your veterinarian gains experience, they will unlock new abilities and objects that will help them succeed! They will also be able to train and promote (or demote!) their employees, just like the existing retail and restaurant businesses. We will also be able to build our own clinics and edit existing clinics. Waiting room getting too crowded? Add another exam room and hire a new tech! It should also be possible to have more than one playable Sim at the clinic, as it is at the other retail venues, so one could potentially have more than one veterinarian in a family.

Having it be a business rather than a job opens up opportunities! One of my vampires has already raised his hand and said he’s bored at his job, and could I make him a veterinarian, please? He is going to open an all night vet clinic. I have not yet decided if I’ll have an all vampire staff or not, but I look forward to experimenting with it and seeing how it goes!

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs will be available on 10 November and is currently available for preorder.

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