The Sims 4 Collectors editions sold out!?

2 more months before the release of The Sims 4! Did you pre-order yet? You might want to order soon since some edition come with a limited capacity.

@EA_Benelux has said there are only a limited amount available and that they heard NL/BE are hitting their limits for Collectors editions.


There were a few stores that sold the Collectors edition of The Sims 4 but have removed them of their website. Bartsmit, All4games, and yourgamezone have removed Collectors edition from their webshops.

What editions are currently available:

The Sims 4

The standard edition of The Sims 4 just comes with the CD/DVD-rom without any extra’s

Where to buy in The Netherlands:
4launch €51.50 €54,99
Mycom: €59,99

The Sims 4 Limited Edition

The limited edition gives you an extra perk:

  • Life of the Party Digital Content

Limited edition is available as a hardcopy (DVD-rom) and as digital download.

Media Markt:€54,99

United Kingdom:
Amazon £38.00
Game: £44.99 (Digital download)
Game £38.00

Origin: €59,99 (digital download)

The Sims 4 digital deluxe edition

Digital deluxe is the digital download version. It gives a few extra’s as well. Only available at origin.

  • Life of the Party Digital Content
  • Up All Night Digital Content
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Origin Exclusive Digital Content

Origin: €69,99 (digital download)


The Sims 4 Premium edition

The extras with the Premium edition are:

  • Life of the Party Digital Content
  • Up All Night Digital Content
  • Creator’s Guide Hardcover Book

Netherlands: €69,99
Saturn: €69,99
Media Markt: €69,99
Mycom: €79,99

United Kingdom:
Amazon: £69.99

Collectors edition

The Collectors edition has everything all other editions have (with the exception of the Origin Exclusive Digital Content) + the Interactive Plumbob statue, made by SteelSeries.

Due to a limited availability, pre-order the Collectors edition soon!

    • Life of the Party Digital Content
    • Up All Night Digital Content
    • Creator’s Guide Hardcover Book
    • Digital Soundtrack
    • Interactive Plumbob Statue from SteelSeries

4launch: €83,50
Gamemania: €99,98 (store reservations only)
Intertoys: €99,99

United Kingdom:
GAME £84 .99

Author: Lebanna

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