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The Sims 4 – Coming soon!

Written by moza

SimGuruDuke has checked in from his home office, well, guest bedroom, to update us on what’s happening over the next six months.

The team are all currently working from home, but still have plenty planned.  Plans are ongoing for the community stuff pack, and the list of name options is coming together for the community vote.

There’s a new Expansion Pack coming up, which will be “a surprise” to many of us, and a new Game Pack later in the year, which will be a “major first” for The Sims.  Given the vast history of themes over the franchise’s history, it’ll be interesting to see where these take us.  Finally, there are some “pretty cool” surprise additions coming up over the summer, which promise to be fun.

Full details, or at least hints, can be found here.



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