The Sims 4 Console – February 2019 update

Today The Sims 4 on console will get a major and exciting update! Starting from 10am PST (6pm GMT) the console game can be updated with the latest patch.

This new patch will bring some awesome new gameplay to The Sims 4:

  • Terrain manipulation tools
  • First person camera
  • Lin-Z, the smart speaker
  • Style influencer career
  • Register your own careers with the Ministery of Labor
  • Exanding the Holiday stuff pack (free add on)
  • New CAS items
  • …and more

You can read the full patch notes here

Terrain manipulation tools

Now you can push, pull and manipulate the ground to create that awesome build up the slope or on a hill, or maybe even in a pit!
But, beware that these tools are quite hard to get a good grip on, at least that has been our experience on the PC.
We would love to see your creations with it when you have them!

First person camera

This feature was added to The Sims for the first time ever on PC not too long ago, and now it will be available on console as well!
You can quite literally get in the skin of your Sim! And not just your Sim either, but pets as well!

to access First person camera on console you need to press a few buttons. These same buttons work to get out of first person as well.
First, select the sim you want to use for First person camera then:
Xbox One: Press and hold RS for a second
PS4: Press and hold R3 for a second

This will be a whole new way to explore the Sims world. But if you get motion sickness easily, be carefull with this feature, as it can be quite bumby at times.

Happy Simming and we would love to see what you will create or experience with this new patch!

Author: Lebanna

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