The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff

Written by moza

What’s there is great, with some fun touches, but doesn’t quite meet expectations.

I’m going to start this review with a confession.  A year on from release, I still haven’t quite found my Sims 4 love.  There’s some features I love, and nothing that I dislike about the game, but even so, there’s something lacking.  And no, I don’t mean toddlers!

Must tell my friends about Cool Kitchen Stuff!

Must tell my friends about Cool Kitchen Stuff!

I tell you this, in part as background as to my mindset when looking at Cool Kitchen Stuff, but mostly because it sums up my opinion on the pack as well.



Cool Kitchen Stuff includes one kitchen and one dining set, some clutter, and some CAS goodies.  What’s there is great, and EA/Maxis seems to have taken on board a lot of comments I’ve heard over the years.  The set feels like a full set, there’s no random pieces missing, and all the recolours – and there are plenty of those – match each other.  Although the style leans towards Ikea modern, the recolours give enough variety that it would suit a number of styles.  A lot of the clutter pieces, as well as things like the book-case style end table, would fit in a variety of rooms, not just the kitchen.

As for the CAS collection, again, what’s there is good, but with the exception of the apron outfits, a lot of it feels unconnected to the theme – in fact, some of it reminds me of the 70s, 80s and 90s Stuff Pack from The Sims 3.


There’s some fantastic touches, like my sim getting an ice cream headache from eating his cone from the new Ice Cream Machine too quickly, but overall there’s something missing, the pack doesn’t quite hit target.  Despite the name, it still feels like there’s more focus on the cook than the kitchen!  Ideally, I’d have liked an extra set of counters, with matching dining table, stools and chairs, and left the retro CAS goodies for a more relevant pack.


In summary, they’ve done a good job of what’s there, but it doesn’t quite meet the expectations suggested by the name!


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