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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle gameplay trailer

Written by Annabelli_22

The gameplay trailer for The Sims 4 Eco Lifstyle droppped today on Youtube. (video is linked at the bottom of the article) as well as a blog

So lets break a few things down we noticed. We won’t mention every new build/buy/cas item we see. Because then we would just be listing. But there are some items that are worth mentioning.


This pack is all about that eco lifestyle, and what impact we have with our actions on the environment, which can also be turned off from the game options menu (yay!).
The Gameplay trailer tells the story of a recent graduate (let’s assume they have graduated after returning from Uni), in a polluted home town, Evergreen Harbor. They see people woohooing in a dumpster. (Might be some acquired taste there)

But after turning their house more green and off the grid (see build/buy) they turn to the neighbourhood to be more sustainable.
With Neighbourhood Action Plans you can convince your neighbours into being more sustainable, like a ‘disconnect water day’. You can also campaign to change the community lot into a community garden, or a community maker space.
This will be decided by voting. So it’s not only up to you what the place will be turned in to.

There are new recipes as well, though they might not be for everyone. The bug houses you can own, can also be used to make food from. Yummy… Cricket anyone?

But the bombardier beetle can also provide biofuel for your generator!

New hobbies like Candle making, Fizzy juice making and recycling are also added to the game.

There will be 2 new careers in the new EP. Civil Designer where it is your job to fix the town. The trailer mentioned Bess does this job from home.
But you can also become a Freelance Crafter, where you full fill order from the computer and make profits of the crafts. You can also sell the items on an Entrepreneurs table.


They show quite a few new hairstyles and outfits as well in the trailer. I can list it all, but then this would just become a slideshow.


In the house shown in the game play trailer we see different colours of solar panels on the roof as well as wind turbines. There is also a Dew collector to collect water, and green roofs to make that grassy roof look.

There also seems to be a 1 tile woodburning stove there! As well as another big bookcase, and new window types. in the image above you can see the 3d effect of some of the windows, that will really allow to give your boxy build, a not so boxy feel.
But, what’s more interesting, in the image below (outlined with red) the big window seems to have been half way down a grid tile on the wall. To me as a builder, that is EXCITING!

Gameplay trailer

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