The Sims 4 “Family Tree” Update

Written by BlackGarden
It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and lately that means Sims 4 update day! Hooray! Today’s update sees the re-introduction of the family tree feature that we’ve loved since The Sims 2.

Other new features include a slightly updated whims system, new achievements for playing with generations (Legacy Player, Alphabet Legacy, Legacy Leader and Legendary Legacy!), new Create-A-Sim content, and new buy mode content.

The game update is free as always, just update through Origin. The update size is just short of 430MB. Don’t forget to remove your Custom Content until you’ve checked that it’s compatible with the new version.

The full patch notes are available on the EA help site. As always, there are a few amusing features and fixes listed in there, including:

  • The “It’s Not Brain Surgery” achievement now has an icon when it slams your screen… SCREEN SLAM!
  • Sims will no longer get a whim to know themselves… that is to say to introduce themselves to themselves.
  • As a result of bad hygiene, Sims were getting dirty, and then dirty and stinky. Now Sims will get stinky, and then dirty and stinky.
  • So fire… recently we informed you that fireplaces could catch nearby objects on fire and well they did. Including ceiling lights, objects on the mantelpiece… and apparently they did it a lot. We’ve lowered the chance of fire spreading to nearby objects and made the way in which fire spreads from the fireplace to be cone shaped, which should prevent mantel placed objects from catching fire…. which you couldn’t put out anyway. So yeah… oops.
  • Angry pregnant Sims will no longer choose to Take an Angry Poop when taking a pregnancy test (yep, you read that).
  • Now 50% less tutorial, because… well, you know.
  • Children will find the computer less accommodating to…um, if two consenting adults should happen to be in a rocket… I mean, if there is a rocket in space, and you are at the computer, you can listen to the launch, and the broadcast from space. But if the adults are in the rocket… well, if the child tried to use the computer… and the consenting adults were to, that is to say, if they became friendly then… the child can’t listen at the computer anymore.
  • The Grim Reaper is no longer available to age up from the Sim selector. Grim is in fact ageless, as you know, and the option was a test of The Reaper. Congratulations you passed, one additional year has been added to your life.
  • Adults that were asked to read to children would often times become so engrossed in the story that they would forget to actually read to the child. We’ve fixed this issue by informing the adults that the purpose of reading to their children is to connect with them, creating a lasting bond of love and trust, and not so much about finding out just how far Spot can run.


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