The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff – Review

Written by deagh

I was excited to hear about this pack.  My Sims are all fighting the Battle of the Bulge (and boy does that make the game a more accurate life simulation!) and so I was looking forward to having some more options for my sims to get fit and keep themselves that way.  EA was kind enough to give us an early access review copy, so we were happy to get a chance to look it over and let us know what we think!

The pack has a little bit of everything, but not a whole lot of any one thing.


Overall, what’s here is great, but there’s not a lot of it, at least in terms of styles.  Lots of different colors for the clothing, though.  

Three hairstyles – two feminine, one masculine, and all are adult/teen/elder only, which is a shame, because the over the shoulder ponytail would be so cute on a little girl.

FitnessHair3 Fitness Hair 2 FitnessHair1

Note that the asymmetrical short style comes in solid colors as well as multicolored styles

4 masculine tops; 5 feminine tops; one masculine, one feminine, and one unisex bottom; two accessory leggings (so they can be worn alone or layered with other bottoms); and one pair of athletic/everyday shoes. All are Adult/Teen/Elder only  and all come in a wide variety of colors.

Build Mode

There are two new wall types, both under Masonry:

At one With Stone Colors

Wavestone Colors

There are also two new windows. The wide window requires at least medium height walls and the narrow window requires the tallest height walls.

Buy Mode

Again, a little bit of almost everything. There isn’t really anything for the kitchen, but we have one set of bathroom fixtures, a few lights, one dining table, one style of dining chair, one sofa, a couple of rugs, and a few decorative items. All the pieces have the same basic style, but the colors are pretty neutral and the lines are clean on the furniture. I can see them all working well with what we already have. There are also three styled rooms to give you some ideas on how to use the new pieces.

Now for the “Fitness” part of buy mode – Exercise machines!  


We have a new treadmill and weight bench, which are new styles/colors of what we already have.  The one new item is the climbing wall.  This is really fun to watch them do.  There’s various climbing modes, which unlock as the sim gains fitness skill, including the Endurance Challenge (complete with fire, but so far my Sims have not been harmed by same), which you can see in the trailer.  It’s tall enough to require either a tall wall height or a two level room, so fitting it into homes might be interesting.  Personally I’ll probably only put one in my legacy family home because they have a huge house and more money than they know what to do with. Everyone else will have to go to the gym.



Overall, I’d say that what is in this pack is really well done and will be a good addition to my game, but I’m a little disappointed that children were left out.  Kids need fitness too! As for what the pack does have, the large variety of colors that both the CAS and Build/Buy mode items come in does make it seem like there are more items than you’d think on first glance, but it’s still a little limited for a stand-alone stuff pack.  I’d be completely thrilled with it as part of a bundle, though.

In short: what’s here is awesome, but I wish there was a bit more of it.

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