The Sims 4 Game pack 03 and stuff pack 07

The gates are open, the flood has arrived and the end of the #SimsNewsDrought is finally here!

The Sims has announced a new game pack in Spring 2016, and a new stuff pack in the Summer of 2016!
The video also shows what the packs will be about!

Game pack 03 (still without a name) is focused on the long requested restaurants! It looks that the tragic clown is making a come back too.
Look, there he is, keeping the sad lady company.
2016-04-19 18_45_46-The Sims 4_ Look What's Coming Spring and Summer 2016 - YouTube

And stuff pack 07 (I think, if I counted right), will be a kids themed stuff pack. Where it looks like besides new stuff for your Sims kids, they also show some new interactions.
Do you see that monster? And my mom always told me there were no monsters under my bed!
2016-04-19 18_47_14-The Sims 4_ Look What's Coming Spring and Summer 2016 - YouTube

Want to watch the whole video? Well here it is! Enjoy. Hopefully we will hear more about these packs soon, it’s nearly summer after all!

Author: Lebanna

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