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The Sims 4 Game Update – September 5th

Written by moza

Welcome to the 5th anniversary update for The Sims 4.  Wow, where that’s gone?  It’s just flown by!

To celebrate, the guys have released a bumper update for us with their usual mix of new content and bug fixes.

The big thing is stairs!  They’ve given the stairs system a massive makeover, and finally, we can build L-shape, T-shaped, back and forth stair cases!  While it’s worth noting that they will always work in 90 degree angles, so you sadly can’t create spiral stairs, we now have much more flexibility to fit them into houses.  Want to know how?  Well, according to SimGuruRomeo

Simply place any set of stairs down in build mode, and you’ll notice a new widget that appears… it’s a box with two arrows attached to it. Grab onto that with your cursor and drag, and suddenly your stairs will be bent 90º! Keep dragging, and the stairs will bend 180º. Once you’ve bent your stairs, you’ll see another two widgets appear. A diagonal arrow above the newly-added landing will let you adjust the height of the landing within the staircase. A curved arrow at the base of the stairs will allow you to continue to rotate the direction of the stairs beneath the landing. For times when a single landing just isn’t enough, you can keep adding additional bends to your stairs–as long as they’re tall enough to have room for another one.

And yes, it IS that easy!

There’s also 2 new build and buy collections.  The first is aimed at creating a relaxing outdoor patio and includes a fence and railing that light up!  The second has a selection of Muslim-inspired architecture – doors, windows and archways.

Create a Sim also gets new goodies, and again these fit in the same categories as above – some for a late summer get together on a patio, and some Muslim-inspired everyday wear.  Items go from child to elder.

As ever, they patch also includes the usual mix of bug fixes, including this time restoring the ability to drown!  Full patch details can be found here.

Now, who’s excited for Realms of Magic next week?

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