The Sims 4 – Get to Work!

Written by moza
Happy Birthday to The Sims!

To celebrate the franchise’s 15th birthday, EA have announced the first Expansion Pack for the Sims 4. Entitled Get to Work it contains favourite elements from the game’s history.
As the name suggests, the focus is on careers – following sims to work, and running your own business have long been two of the most popular elements of the game.

There are three new careers, each of which have their own lot – the Medial career is based on the hospital, where you can examine sims, cure them or operate them, and even deliver babies. The Police career is based in the police station, where you can interrogate sims, investigate crimes, and even put the bad guys in jail – is that Mrs Crumplebottom finally getting her just desserts for all the young couples she’s chased with her handbag? Lastly, the Science Lab offers a Mad Scientist/Inventor career, with lots of bangs explosions and newly created objects.

Not want an employer, but rather run your own business? No worries, you can also set up and run your own business, be it a shop or a cafe, the choice is yours. You have full control of stocking and staffing your venue.

Two new skills come along to compliment the careers – photography, to help with the detective investigations, and baking, to fill up your favourite corner cafe.

As always, there’s new objects, clothes and hair filling up the video.

Release date is April, and they’ve promised simultaneous launch for both PC and Mac, with the PC version coming in both physical and digital copies.

Watch this space for more news as we get it.

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