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The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Review – CAS and Build/Buy

Written by deagh

This article is made possible by the EA Creators Network, by providing us with a review copy of the new expansion pack. #EAPartner

The new pack is about all things Western!  The Western US, that is.  In the Western US there’s Montana, which has mountains and lots of snow, and then there’s the Southwest, which is a more arid landscape.  The pack does have both flavours of the West, both in the worlds, which you can see a bit of in this article and we’ll also be streaming a world tour soon, and in the CAS and Build/Buy items.


First let’s look at CAS.  There’s quite a bit here.


First we have hair.  There are 10 new hairs for T/YA/A/E, including some Native American inspired hairs, and 3 new facial hairs. Three hairs have child versions, but there are none for toddlers and infants.


Next let’s look at accessories.  We have some hats – three different styles of ‘cowboy’ hats, some that come in both ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ versions, and also a riding helmet.  The riding helmet and the ‘Stetson’ style hat have child versions.  There are also work gloves and a few earrings and a necklace.  There are also two styles of large bandana.  Check the slideshow below for details!


Boots!  The footwear in this pack is all boots, all the time, as it should be.  Some of the boots have dirty/beaten up options, which is awesome, and there are some more fashionable boots and also English style riding boots.  One style is available for children and there’s even a cute little set of boots for toddlers. Check the slideshow below to have a look!


Now, the clothes.  There are a LOT of clothes.  Mostly for T/YA/A/E, but there are some things for the kids and even a few items for toddlers and infants.  The horsey onesie is truly adorable.  Check the slideshow below for a look at all the items!

As with the hats, some of the outfits have dirty/stained options, which I think is great.  That will add some storytelling options, for sure.


Horse Accessories

There’s a bit of stuff for your horses, too.  The horse coat options are vast, and will be discussed separately.  This is about saddles, bridles, and other accessories.  There are two bridle styles, three saddle styles, and various other accessories.  Check the slideshow below to see details!

Overall I’m pleased with the CAS items in this pack.  The clothing will definitely go into my rotation, even in my other worlds, and I really do like some of the hair.  I’m thrilled that there are some beaten up/dirty options, since ranching is dirty work!  I have one disappointment here, and it’s that there is not a Western style suit.  There’s a sport coat/blazer that can be paired with jeans for a semi-formalish Western look, but there’s no Western Style formal suit or tuxedo.  That’s something I really do feel is missing.


It feels like there is a lot more to CAS than there is to Build/Buy in this pack.  But, when I actually look at the list of items there is a good amount of stuff here.  There are options for building barns, including some barn doors for taller walls that your Sims can go through mounted.  There’s also the nectar maker, which is another money-making opportunity for your Sims.  Check the image below to see all the Build/Buy included in the Horse Ranch pack.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like the CAS.  I do like the Western aesthetic for clothing, so I’ll definitely use these items.  Build/Buy – I am less enthused about Western decor, but there are some nice pieces.  The plants are really nice.  Nectar making looks like it will be a fun addition to gameplay, so I am looking forward to that.

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