The Sims Freeplay

The Sims FreePlay: Teen Takeover Update

Teens have taken over SimTown in the latest update for The Sims FreePlay! And boy, is this one massive update that you don’t want to miss out on!
The latest update, bringing FreePlay to version 5.0.0 and 458 MB, is a massive compilation of many things!

The main theme, of course, is the addition of Teens!


Many things were added in the update, so here’s a quick summary of what you can find right now:

  • Osiris the alien has made special birthday cakes to create teens with the “Coming of Age” quest, unlocked at level 23 or higher!
  • A new High School can be built with the “Higher Education” quest at level 24+.
  • Live a life of fame and luxury as a Teen Idol, unlocked with “Road to Fame” at lvl 25+.
  • New ghosts have invaded SimTown!
  • LIMITED EDITION: Complete the “Great Ghost Escape” (lvl 10+) by November 1st to unlock brand-new, limited edition Halloween themed items and costumes!
  • The SimTown Sign can be built as a hideaway for your Teen Idol Sim, while also making a flashy sign to overlook your neighborhood!
  • Now you can ADOPT PreTeens and Teens into your family using a phone!
  • Complete new weekly challenges to earn Keys!
  • Keys can be used to win prizes in the Mystery Box Shop!
  • LIMITED EDITION:Β Free Progressive TVs with the spunky Flo are available for a limited time!


This is update is even larger than ever, and you’re sure to not want to miss out!

A review of this update will come out as soon as I get the chance to try everything out! As for now, keep on Simming!

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    • You need to first make sure you get rid of all other gameplay quests by doing them. You can only have one quest like this at a time, so if you still have the Simoleon Sprout quest or Mystery Island quest from the last update, you must complete those before you can start this one.

      • I completed the quest coming of age and I am on the road to fame but I cannot build the high school or have a birthday for my preteen even though I have birthday cakes. What can I do?

        • I’m having the same problem. I have the road to fame quest, the high school build, a birthday cake and my preteen won’t grow up because it says I need to finish the coming of age quest. Which I did because I have the high school. What now?

        • I’m sorry, did you already complete the Higher Education quest, too?
          And did you use any birthday cakes since you made them? Each time you use one you need to make another one.

        • I also believe that there may have been some issues with birthday cakes since the last update. There may be nothing to do about your teens until the next update! Try searching the Firemonkeys’s website and forums to see if anyone else is having this problem and if there is a fix for it.

    • Are you at least level 20 and higher? If you were able to build pools before, you should still be able to build them. If not, there may be a bug in the game. You must at least be lvl 20, though! And remember to check how many Simoleons you have.

    • Do you have any special quests that you’re already doing? You must complete all gameplay quests you already have, like the Simoleon Sprout quest or the Mystery Island quest from the last update, before you can start this quest. Let me know if this is not fixing anything.

      • I finished the mystery island quest but was not prompted for the teen quest. I’m very sad about this because I baked 6 cakes thinking that’s all I had to do. Everytime I look to see if I have any app updates my kindle says there are none and when I open the game and it says searching for updates it doesn’t find it. I’m not talking about the road to fame either I’m talking about the teen one. Please help!

  • Ok so hehehehehe πŸ™‚ im on level 22 half way to 23 have done mysterious island, but i wanna know, how much does the high school cost when i have to build it so i can save up if i have to?

    • I just completed this quest this morning.
      It takes 200,000 simoleons to build it. I’d suggest saving up as much LP as you can in case you don’t have enough Sims to build the High School, because you need a certain number to build it. πŸ™‚

      • Ok now i need to know how many sims i need cus i have 14 (well 13 i havent made the 14th yet) and i have the 200,000 and life points in case (tip in case you need life points and money, design fashion! Sometimes you get lifepoints, ive gotten tons from it) plz reply as soon as you can!

        • Sorry, I was busy!
          For me, it took 18 Sims, but I think that’s because I already have every building in the community already built. I’m not sure if the number changes.

          • Bunbunny you seem to know a lot I need help!!!! I completed the teen road to fame quest and never had to use instruments and although it says I completed the requirements I have no option to build the famous sim town sign. Also when I go to the tee
            Section of my home store there is no instruments. It is November and from what I looked at online everyone’s quest went differently than mine.

  • I just did the most recent update i had to reinstall and lost all my progress and then when i went to make my old sim the hair i used & clothes were gone. Help?

      • Try getting it back through the game-centre……… Or……. Just delete the app and then re-download it. Once it’s downloaded click into it and sign into the game-centre…….. Ur score should have remained in the game-centre from last time u played it!!!!!!!!! Hope it helped!!!!!!!!!!

    • Your game automatically uploads data to the iCloud whenever you have last collected your Party Boat neighbor gifts. Hopefully you can still download the data by clicking the options button and the cloud icon, but you must be signed into either Facebook or Game Center for this to work! I hope you can get your data back!

  • I have finished both the coming of age and higher education quest and I’m over level 25 why doesn’t the road to fame quest come up?

      • Do you have a teenager? When I completed the quest, it says Osiris will be back. Perhaps he’ll come back later with the quest – I suppose the Halloween quest won’t come up until later, too, since that isn’t here at all. Sometimes the quests come after a set amount of time.

    • You have to be 25 on levels and have completed coming of age and higher education to get the goal, im on 23 and am on coming of age, lol to be exact ” read the big book of stuff” as the goal says, ill will questions asked asap with a (hopefully) helpful answer

    • I’m sorry to hear that! πŸ™ Has it been fixed yet? I haven’t used that feature, so I don’t know how it works.

  • I have two preteen sand have not been asked to do quest. I’m level 25 almost 26. I wasn’t prompted to do mystery island either. .?????

    • Hi! I’m sorry that you haven’t been able to do the Road to Fame quest. We may have to wait until a certain date, and then the quest will be released, I’m not sure how to start this quest, either.

  • It says I need to make a speech on the soap box but I don’t have the park and it cost 200000 to build it and then I tried to do at a neighbors house but if wouldn’t complete what can I do

    • Use life points on skipping the goal if you can, if not just use the money on the park and while it builds, save the 200,000 again by designin fashion! Gl

    • If this doesn’t work, you have to build the park yourself if you wish to continue. I don’t believe doing quests at a neighbor’s park will work, because if I remember correctly, (I may be wrong), the only types of quests you can do at your neighbors’ towns is social quests. Normal quests won’t work.

  • Hey guys! Im here with a tip on how to get LP if you need them! Design fashion, occasionally you will get a life point, when your level 6 and have gotten the set done a few times you will start to earn life points for completin them! Ive gotten tons of life points from it! Use this and you can get hundreds of life points! Good Luck!

    • Yep! This works with every hobby, too, aside from preteen hobbies. Every hobby has a slight chance of earning you extra LP, and awards you with LP for completing each set! πŸ™‚ I have some of each Sim working on each hobby.

  • I am on level 52
    And have completed the alien quest and weekly quest
    But the other quests didn’t come up after them
    Also the island quest was completed

  • I am on level 52
    And have completed all the quests
    But other than the alien quest, nothing has come up

    Is there anything that I should do?

    • If you’re asking about the Road to Fame quest, I’m not sure how or when that will come out. My guess is that we either have to wait a certain amount of time after we complete the first quest before Osiris comes back, or we have to wait until a certain date before the Road to Fame quest is available to anyone!

      • Hey bunbun u do seem to know alot about sims freeplay im a big fan of the game and do the quest seem to takeforever with you too? I hate it when I get to a quest and there is a task I cant do

  • Okay so since a couple of updates ago, I haven’t been able to change the clothing or hair of any of my sims unless I’m using the hair salon or fancy dress shop. The button for editing my sims is gone. I don’t know if that’s happening with anyone else? I really want to change their clothes already! Any help?

  • hey, im on teen quest but orisis hasent showed up! , infact i havent played sims free play cause bohol got hitted by magnitutde 7.2 -.- and our house just got gime gime gime!!!!!! so orisis should showed up. and by the way how to get alot of simeolons?

    • Check all your houses, i didnt see him when i was in my two story house, but he was there, so look very closely at all your homes and you will find him

  • I’m on lvl 28, but the school for my teen sim isn’t built yet , I’m stuck on a goal that says get teen sim a job at the town hall , when I go to do that it says unlock on all 3 choices idk what to do it won’t let my teen get any jobs so idk how to pass the goal so I can build the school alrdy ! Please help if u can !! πŸ™

    • Herperderperp, lol when i did that quest it just said to get a job in the town hall, so just have one of your adult sims get a job there and you will complete the quest

  • I’ve completed the Coming of age quest, my school is almost built, but then I realized when I “grew” both my preteens, they were already brother and sister! So I keep on trying to get a Sim to a phone to “adopt a teen” (so one of them can date or be bullied… lol) but everytime I do it the game just gets stuck and says “connecting to server.”

    Anyone know how much adopting a teen via Amazon store will cost? I’m on level 37, BTW.

    THANKS! πŸ™‚

    • Hey! I’m sorry, but what kind of device are you playing FreePlay on?
      I’m not sure if the prices are different on different devices, but they shouldn’t be, I don’t think. For my iPad, adopting Preteens or Teens costs $4.99 (US dollars).

  • Hello. I just want to ask where the golem is? I’ve just finished the mystery island quest and I can’t find it. Please help? Thank you!

    • If I remember correctly, it’s in either in one of two places: Either in your inventory (the section with the backpack) under outdoor decorations, or you can buy it from the Outdoors section under Outdoor Decorations
      If you can buy it, then the first time you buy it will be free. Every purchase from then on costs 60 LP!

  • The Road to Fame Challenge will not be available till mid-November. Until then, I suggest sending ur teen to high school and studying at a teen study desk. This will unlock some teen items.

  • Hi, I just want to know if I need to complete/finish the mystery box thing before I get the “Coming of Age” quest? I do know that you should be at level 23+ before you get the quest but is the mystery box mandatory to complete?

      • Hi! Thanks for replying! No, I’m not yet at level 23 yet but I’m at level 22 so I’m kinda excited that’s why I want to know πŸ™‚

  • I just got the new update a few days ago. I finished the weekly quest for this week and earned my key, but the game keeps giving me new quests. I don’t think doing them is getting me any more XP or LP. Do you think the game will count extra completed quests towards next week or are they just for funsies until the new week begins? (When does the new week start, anyway? Sunday or Monday?)

    • I’m not sure if the weekly quests start on the same day for everyone, but if you tap on the normal “Cloud” quests it should tell you how many days until a new weekly quest is available.
      Completing quests after you earn a key will not count any of your quests for the next week’s weekly quest, either.

      Unfortunately, I noticed this as well – you do NOT get any LP for completing normal quests AFTER you’ve completed the weekly quest. At least until the next week. However, there are tons of other ways to earn LP – daily gifts, hobbies, competitions, pets, and leveling up careers (which is rather hard to earn LP from.)

    • Yes, you DO get Simoleons , XP , or sometimes even LP from these “extra” goals, (it just doesn’t tell you what the reward is like it used to)…

      But, yeah, doesn’t count towards next week’s goals.

  • When you pay to adopt a Sim, can you still choose to have a boy or girl or does it choose for you? I have a teen girl & really want a boy!

  • is there a way for teens to retain their preteen hobbies? my preteens are lvl 6/6 of ballet and karate. when the other one celebrated his birthday to become a teen, he lost his karate hobby. am afraid my ballet preteen will lose her hobby too and i have to start all over again. hope you can help me. thanks! =)

    • This is what really bugs me about making your pre-teen into a teen. They lose everything… Grade average, hobbies (can’t do ballet and karate anymore), but they do retain relationship statuses with other sims. I’m glad I only upgraded one PT to a teen; I think the next teen I want, I’ll grow from infant to toddler to PT straight to teen without giving them any skills/studying :-/

      • sad.. =(. thanks for replying, irene! ^_^

        by the way, a little off topic.. has anybody finished the ghost quest already? was done with mine and i can’t figure out where or what the tree thing reward is.. ican’t seem to find it in my inventory or in the store.. =(

        • Yep, I finished it!
          It’s a mini golf course, similar to one of the rewards for last year’s Christmas quest. You should be able to buy as many as you want for free from the Home Store under Outdoors >> Outdoor Furniture.

  • I can not complete any teen goals on the new update and the game will not recognize mystery island goals after they are completed for the 2nd time around. (It say build the bridge when the bridge is already built) please help

    • Hey, I’m sorry, I remember replying to this before but it seems the comment didn’t go through.
      I’m not sure what you mean, the quests should not make you do it 2 times, and the bridge shouldn’t already be built. Try to download the most recent iCloud save that you have, if it’s from before when this happened. If that doesn’t fix it, I’m afraid I have to say that if you want this fixed you have to reset your game, which would erase any in-app purchases you may have made. But I’d research this a little bit more first – I wouldn’t jump to erasing all of your data unless you’re 100% sure there’s no other way to fix this!

  • I have the newest update, I’m playing on a samsung galaxy tab 2 and there is no option to adopt a preteen or teen on the phone when I click it. Someone help please. Thank u!

    • Hi! I believe that you need to finish the “Coming of Age” quest before you can adopt teens. Have you already done this quest?

    • To adopt a Teen, you must first unlock Teens with the “Coming of Age” quest. And if you’ve already done that, you need to make sure that you have enough slots to add another Sim to town! But beware, adopting costs real money – not LP or Simoleons!

  • How do I unlock the teen idol town sign? I don’t know how to earn the microphones, spot lights, and movie points, how do I do that?

    • i have already gotten all the music notes with my teen and reached the top level of the teen idol. I still can not get the lights, microphone, or slates to finish building the sign, how do i earn those, i keep the teen constantly using the microphone, keyboard, drums, guitar, and electric guitar (All of the are the 3 star versions) but can not get the things needed for the sign to be finished

      • You don’t get the lights, microphone and movie slate from completing ONE note, but by completing all THREE notes of the instrument. So for example, to get ONE light for the sign, you would need to get vocal melody, vocal overdub, and another vocal (I’ve done it, just working on my tenth light at the moment so don’t know the exact name) note. Same principle with the lights and movie slate. And then once you have the entire collection of 3 keyboard (gives XP), 3 bass guitar XP), 3 drumbeat (gives one movie slate), 3 electric guitar (gives one microphone), AND 3 singing (gives one light) notes, you START THE ENTIRE COLLECTION ALL OVER AGAIN to collect more movie slates, microphones and lights for your sign upgrades! It takes a while πŸ™‚

    • How do you get the microphone? I have all of the music notes for the guitar keyboard and drums but I can’t unlock the microphone

  • I’m on level 34. I just finished the teen challenge but how can I get lights, microphones and slates in order to built the city sign? I keep playing instruments with my only teen but i already got all the songs so I can’t go any further… I need help!

    • I am having the same problem. No matter how much i have my teen use the instruments I cant earn the things needed for the sign to be built

    • You need to complete the whole set (eg. three drum notes for movie slate, three electric guitar notes for microphone, three singing notes for lights). Then, you have to complete the entire collection to start again and collect more movie skates, microphones and lights for your sign. Repeat til you have your sign up.

    • So once you have one collection of 15 notes and get your premium musical instrument set, press collect again to start a new collection. You have to complete the collection of 15 notes quite a few times to get a complete sign!!

    • The free TV is in the electronics section of your home store,

      For the free car, you need to have a car dealership in your town before you can get it.

  • Please tell me how i can start a new career on the town hall , but i started all the careers but the ques is want start a new career so be come the teen high school

    • First you need to build the town hall. Then, you just start the career like you’d start any other career – from the career panel or from Town View!

  • Hi! I am at level 31, completed the Coming of Age quest, built the high school, but the classes are still locked. I can’t enroll my preteen in class. Any help?

    • Hi! The Coming of Age quest does not unlock the high school or teen idols. To unlock the school, you need to complete the Higher Learning quest at Lvl 24, and teen idols are unlocked with the Road to Fame quest at Lvl 25! πŸ™‚

  • I am on level 33 and really want to complete the Coming of age quest, but Orisis is not in my town! Is there any way I can complete the quest?

    • That’s odd… Is he in your Sim Tracker? He is required for the entire thing – there is a way to glitch him out so that he won’t show up if you send him away and call him too rapidly.

  • I have completed 9 music notes and it says that I have unlocked the electric guitar, but I can’t find it anywhere in the store. Where do I buy it?

    • Look carefully – the electric guitar looks similar to the bass guitar. It should be in the same section where you bought the other instruments! πŸ™‚

      • I’m also having this issue. I’ve unlocked everything up to the electric guitar, but it is not anywhere to be found! I’ve looked everywhere for it: the hobby store (only bass & drums available), the teenage store, my inventory. It says it is unlocked but I am still unable to find it. Any suggestions, or do I have to wait till the next update?

  • Hey – I had my sim unlock the drumkit (finishing the keyboard and bass sets) but it isn’t available in the teen section of the store or through the promotins store. Where can I find it?

      • Please help me there is no instruments in my home store and somehow I have completed the road to game quest. The sign says I’ve met requirements but there’s no build option.

        • Did you already start and finish the 2 other quests?
          You shouldn’t have had this one finish without you knowing. I’m sorry, but maybe your game is glitched? If you can’t find a way, download your last save from the Cloud if this problem came after the last time it uploaded to the Cloud.

        • I’m sorry, but I guess I don’t know what exactly happened. I wish I could help more, but I’m just not sure how this could have happened! Can you explain anything else?

  • I have completed the coming of age quest and the quest to unlock the high school. I still cannot have teen sims. Everytime I try, a box comes up saying that I have to complete the coming of age quest first (which I already have) and must be at level 16 first (which I have passed). Now. I am on the teen idol quest but I cannot complete it because I do not have a teen to read the teen celebrity magazine. Help!

    • This seems to be a recurring problem since the last update. I’m sorry but I don’t know if there is anything you can do until the next update! Try asking around the Firemonkeys’s website and forums to see if anyone else has had this problem.

  • Does Anybody Know Any Cheats For More LPs And Simoleons ? And After You Complete The Weekly Quest Before The Time Is Up , When The Week Changes , Does The Quest Change ?

    • I do not know of any cheats at the time, or if there are any cheats. But I do not believe that the quest changes if you don’t complete it.

    • Yes actually. Complete all of the free movie offers in your app. Then save your data to the coud. Delete the app. Reinstall it. Then you can do the same movie offers again and get more lifestyle points.

    • Here’s a cheat for LP:

      1. Open up sims, but don’t do anything with them. Just head over to a gardening patch and click on it. It should show the first “LP Lotus” plant to cost real money.
      2. Exit the plant choices and pause the game by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the screen.
      3. Click on the settings button which is the button directly below the resume button.
      4. Change the language once to the right which is French.
      5. Click the back button at the top left corner of the settings bubble and click “Oui” to accept the action.
      6. The game will act as if it is reopening. Go back to the gardening patch and click on it again. It should indicate that it is loading.
      7. This is where it gets a tiny bit annoying, if the LP Loyus is taking forever to load or is not loading, keep opening and closing the plant options until it does.
      8. When it does pop up, it should not have a monetary amount in the top left corner of the plant. Click on it to plant it. It will then take you to a minigame.
      9. Click the green play button to play the game and the plant will spin.
      10. Depending on what you get in the game and how many you get, you will earn at least 5LP for every time you play.
      11. Once you’ve played once, exit the minigame and return to your sims house.
      12. Pause the game and revert the language back to English.
      13. Click on the patch to garden. The LP Lotus should say it costs money.
      14. Pause the game and revert it back to French again and play the minigame again. It should be free.
      15. Continue these steps until you have the amount of LP you want.

      This works for me everytime. And don’t forget to open the plant options when you are set to English settings or the cheat will not work. Good luck, and hope this helped! (:

    • Hi!
      You’ll find the microphone only by playing through the Road to Fame quest at level 25+. I hope this helps!
      It will be under the Teen items section once it is unlocked.

      • I play Sims Free play on my iphone 5c. I’m on level 28 and I have been completing the Road to Fame quest. I finished the keyboard, guitars and drums. The hobby section shows that the microphone is unlocked but it is not in the teen store or the hobby shop. I’ve seen other people say that they can’t find certain instruments either. Has anyone found a fix for this? I’ve even tried downloading the game to another device and uploading my game from the cloud but the problem persists. I cannot move forward in the game without the microphone…any suggestions?

        • I would recommend checking out the official Sims FreePlay forums. There is a link in the game I believe, under support.
          Look for a popular post of people having similar problems, and post for help there. That’s the best advice I can give you – I think you have to wait for an update. πŸ™

  • I am on level 32. I have finished everything including all l goals. The only goals I haven’t completed are the weekly goals. I have both checkmarks for the high school and the coming of age quest just gave me the first goal but then they stopped so I never got to finish the goals. And the high school is locked. I want my teens to graduate but I can’t because I can’t build the high school.

    • I’m not entirely sure what you’re describing, but I do know that the latest update has caused some major issues with the Teen Takeover update. I’m sorry but there may be nothing you can do except wait for the next update! :s

  • I am on level 28 with no other quests going on and I can’t get the road to fame quest. I have a teen, the high school, everything. It has check marked me being done with the road to fame quest on the sign, even though I never did it. I need help.

    • Hi!
      Like I told the person above, this update has caused MAJOR issues with the last update. I have no idea how to fix this, except wait for a fix in an update. I’m sorry, I wish I knew how to help more! πŸ™

  • I am Level 26, and have completed getting 12 of my music notes. For the singing notes, it says you need a microphone, but I can’t find one anywhere! I’ve looked in the Teen Section of the Home Store numerous times, along with the hobby shop. Is there anything I’m doing wrong or need to accomplish before receiving the microphone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi. I am Level 26, and have completed getting 12 music notes for my Teen Idol. For the next notes, it says you need a microphone, but I can’t find one anywhere! I’ve looked numerous times in a the Teen Section of the Home Store, but all there is is the keyboard, guitars, and drums. I also have checked the hobby shop, but it was not there either. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something that I need to do first? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hello!
      You do need a mic for the last 3 notes, and they should be in the same locations as the other instruments.
      Check again, it almost looks like a tripod.

  • Ok so I have the town hall built already and the goal is to bulid the town hall. It says that the town hall is not completed, but it really is! Please help me!

    • I’m sorry, this may be a glitch. I’m not sure if this is already known, but I don’t think it’s something you can fix. πŸ™

  • Hey guys I have great news! I just noticed this. A glitch! If you completed the santas helper quest on time you will be awarded a reindeer and 3 LP….. Well every time it go into a neighbor’s town the game awards me the 3 LP and reindeer AGAIN ! ! ! I have received 3 extra free reindeer.

  • I am over level 25 but the quest will not come up at my girls is there a date it expires do I have to complete the higher education quest first? please help

  • Im on level 16 and already completed coming of age quest but after turning one pre teen in to teen it won’t let me turn any others into teens. Why?

    • You need to bake birthday cakes every time you make a teen.
      This could also be because the holidays update has caused MANY glitches in the game from what I hear, so if baking a birthday cake won’t let you do it then that’s the problem! πŸ™‚

  • I can’t complete the coming of age because my alien is missing. . I see his space ship but can’t find him anywhere so I can complete the goals so my pre teens can become teens.. Please help.. EA has not responded and I would hate to uninstall

    • I think that this may be a bug. I do not know what to do in this situation, but I would suggest contacting or making a post on the FreePlay forums.

  • Hi my coming of age quest to make sims into teens are on but the first task is to talk to the alien but the alien isn’t in town he’s on my sims faces put nowere in town what can I do to get him and finished the quest

    • If he’s still not appearing, I would suggest seeing if the last save upload you have is from before the quest started, and download that save. You may lose some information, but it’s worth it if it means being able to fix your game!

    • This update is available where you downloaded the game!
      (If you have any questions about the new update, check out the All Grown Up update post! You may find some more relative information!)

  • I didn’t complete the Road To Fame quest in time but I still have to complete it. I completed the keyboard notes and it says I’ve unlocked the Bass Guitar but I can’t find it, I’ve looked at the Hobby Store, the Teen Store, my Inventory… Everywhere. It’s been months now and I still can’t find it. What should I do?

    • Hi! I’m sorry you’re having this problem.
      It seems to be a common problem. I’m not entirely sure how to fix it now but I do know that you could download your latest save from the iCloud and that would fix the problem, but since it’s been months I don’t think the save is old enough.

      I think you would have to wait for an update. Report it on the official FreePlay forums, and keep looking to see if anyone has a solution to it. Sorry I can’t help much! πŸ™

  • Hi! I’ve completed the Coming of Age Quest and am now working on Higher Education. I’ve also turned two preteens into teens but I still do not have a teen tab in the home store. Is there anything I’m missing?

  • Hello I am on level 14 And I can’t find a study desk for my preteen to cram on in Another Sim Town and I need it to complete this social goal help please

  • I just wanted to know if making your preteen into a teen costs money? When I click “have birthday” on a preteen after I make a birthday cake, it asks “are you sure you want to buy this?” Please help!

  • I have two sims that were teenagers and are now adults but they’re stuck on “serious date” and they can’t get married or become enemies…nothing at all and I NEED HELP please

  • I am at level 15 I did the mystery quest and did everything to build the bridge to the mystery island but it won’t let me what should I do