The Sims 4 – June 2019 Patch

It’s that time again, the monthly update for The Sims 4 has landed, just in time for The Sims 4 Island Living releasing on Friday.  This month brings a mix of bug fixes, preparations for Island Living, and rainbow goodies marking Pride Month, in conjunction with the It Gets Better Project.

First up, traits.  For your Sims, you now have a randomise traits button, and for lots, the two new Island Living traits have been added.  As you might expect, Off-The-Grid, conflicts with the Fast Internet trait (hmmm… know which one my Sims would prefer!) but it comes with a handy addition on build/buy catalogue telling you which objects work off the grid.  The Clothing Optional trait is for community lots only.

Next, build and buy mode.  As well as the catalogue update, there’s been a huge update on the swatches available for doors and arches etc, helping you to get matching sets.  There’s also some Pride goodies here, including the gender neutral toilet door, and a rainbow skin for one of the other doors.  Stilt foundations have also been added, to give variety to your lots, and there’s a new lounge chair in outdoor furniture.

Finally, CAS brings a selection of rainbow and slogan t-shirts, as well as rainbow leggings, for all ages.  Even toddlers are included with coloured swim diapers.

Full details of the the patch can be found here.


Author: moza

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