The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure – Trailer

At the beginning of the quarter, it was teased already, a new The Sims 4 Game pack in the making.
And the new game pack is dubbed The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure! Launching on February 27th!

The main theme seems to be South America, and it’s rich ancient culture. It has it all, jungle, temples, exploring, curses and adventure!

You Sims will be able to explore the new world, Selvadorada, and discover new ancient (ha! new ancient, that’s not possible) relics. They might even find a hidden temple or pool.
But what is adventure if there is no risk involved? So watch out for traps, poisonous spiders, bees or other DEADLY creatures.

Not really into all that exploring? That’s ok, there’s plenty to discover without looking for adventure. Sims can now excavate objects, pretend to be an archaeologist, or try out some new dance moves on the dance floor. Get something traditional to eat, or try visiting the local market.

Besides new gameplay, this game pack also features new objects to build with.
New display cases for your relics, counters, bookcases, gameplay items, of course, decoration items.
There are also new CAS items, which are inspired by the local fashion of Selvadorada.
We are excited to be exploring this new adventure pack!

In the meantime, you can take the quiz on what kind of adventurer you are!

Author: Lebanna

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