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The Sims 4 Kids Stuff review

Written by moza

A frequent complaint about Sims Expansion packs – whichever version of the game, or type of pack – is the lack of content for younger Sims.  The Sims 4 Kids Bedroom Stuff is a step towards balancing that out.

A frequent complaint about Sims Expansion packs – whichever version of the game, or type of pack – is the lack of content for younger Sims.  The Sims 4 Kids Bedroom Stuff is a step towards balancing that out.
New clothes and hairs for both boys and girls, and the newest patch opens these up to share between brother and sister if you wish basically means double the fun.  Mostly, they’re the kind of neutral play clothes we all grew up in, with just a couple of the tops edging towards the more girlie end of the scale.

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No new build items, so no specific wallpaper for kids rooms, but there’s a full bedroom set which matches, decor items including stuffed toys, wall decals and a new toybox, and two new object based activities for kids.


Firstly, you have Punchinello’s Theatre of Fine Puppetry, which builds social skills, and gives a small environment boost.  It’s based on the old Punch and Judy style seaside shows, with puppets that reminded me of the Potter Pals webseries.  Now, that would be some interesting machinima!


The Theatre, and all the furniture come in multiple colour options, some of which have typical kiddie stickers and stars and some in a cleaner finish.

From a young boy's room.. ...to a teen girl

Secondly, you have the Sims’ version of Pokemon or Top Trumps – Voidcritters.  Collect the cards, either buying them from the computer, or finding them in logs and trash cans, swap with your friends, level up your critters, and fight your friends’ critters on the Battle Station. And, as with any good collectable card game, look out for the shinies!  There’s also wall decals of all the Void Critters in the decoration section.


The patch also added a monster under the bed, with the option of spraying the monster to get rid.Personally, I haven’t seen any outcomes – positive or negative – from spraying under the bed, but it’s still early days.


Finally, let’s address the big T shaped elephant in the room.  This is a kids’ pack, with some objects that will carry over with your Sim into teen years, and maybe beyond – the clean versions of the furniture would work well in a teen’s room as well, but it’s kids from about 6 and upwards.  There’s nothing I can see that hints at anything younger coming any time soon.
Overall, The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff is a solid addition that boosts an oft-missed area of the game.  Definitely worth it!

Give Away!

Want to win The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff? Let us know in the comment section what you are excited about most from The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff! Give away ends July 9th 2016 at 6pm BST

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  • I love how there are Voidcritter trading cards that are kind of like a Sim version of Pokemon Trading Cards!! Also all the CAS content looks SO cute!!! 😀

  • i like the critters :p the fact sims can now love pokemon like monsters like i did when i was a kid 😀 and the puppet show 😀 my sims kids are dying for a sleep over with their friends and these would make a great addition to the game 😀
    Ooooo and the butterflies on the wall 😀 i’m a big fan of butterflies! (something my grandma loved and rubbed off on me after she took me to an open cage thingy that was full of butterflies and we got to walk through it 😀 😀 but sadly she passed away, but every time i see a butterfly always reminds me of my gran OH she was a wonderful creative woman 🙂 who also passed down making dollhouses to :p

    Thank you for the give away and sorry i babbled i didnt mean to XD

  • The Puppet Thearte and the Voiccritters are really nicely done. My favorite part of this stuff pack is the million new possibilities you have to create the perfect kids room. Before I stufft it full with toys en childrens decoration, but it never really had that cool kids room feeling. Seeing the livestream, and all the screenshots from this pack, I’m excited about creating the perfect kids room for my SimKids. I like making the houses I play in feel like home and this stuff pack gives personality to the kids room and make them feel at home in their room.

  • I’m looking forward to all of the new objects so I can make every room in the house look amazing!

  • I’m most looking forward to the multiple ways of decorating your Sims rooms if gives them more of an imagination and personality.

  • I’m mostly exited about the hair and the decorations, because since the sims 4 came out there hasn’t been any proper things for the kids.. so now that it came out im mostly exited about them.

  • I’m mostly excited about the bedroom content and the new clothing! I’m also very excited about the Children gaming table thing haha!

  • The beds i really need some more beds, and i dont wanna use CC! The clothes en the hairs are really nice dont you think?

  • Im most excited about the Kids room stuff pack because im glad the creaters of sims are finally putting a little more attention into the kids rather than adults. 🙂

  • I am most excited about the new gameplay with the Voidcritters. When I was a child, everybody collected Pokemoncards, and i think it’s real fun to remember the own childhood in my little sims.

  • I am excited most from The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff is Punchinello’s Theatre of Fine Puppetry&Voidcritters it good the kids have better things to do noe

  • I’m actually really excited for new CAS items cause that’s something that the game lacks of a lot – clothing for kids.

  • I’ve been playing sims since its inception. What I’m most excited about this new pack is the new content that was lacking for the children compare to the older sims franchise. I’m super excited for this new pack not only because I can dig threw trash cans for trading cards, but have new content created just for the children of my sims game. Normally I would boost the age of my children to make them become teens but with this pack I’ll be able to enjoy the time with them and all the new content!

  • I can’t decide if I’m more excited for voidcritters or about all the new decorating possibilities thanks to the variety in the new objects!

    Thanks for the chance to win, by the way!

  • The fact that a stuff pack has two interactive objects is surprising. VoidCritters looks like fun and would make a great standalone game.

  • What I love about sims is its never ending and so universal allowing you imagination to explore and never end. I have been playing sims since I was 16 I’m now 28 and I have owned every version and when I worked at GameStop I worked over night just so I could get my copy at 12midnight at the midnight release. I love sims I love everything about it and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!!!!!!

  • thank you for the review and giveaway. i am super excited with voidcritters and the battle station. i really hope to have this kind of battle station when i was younger and an avid watcher of Pokemon-Digimon-Yu Gi Oh but now i can complete my childhood wish through this game XD

  • I’m most excited for all of the new create a sim items, the kids in the sims are getting a lot of new upgrades in regards to fashion, I mean whom could hate that galaxy cat shirt. I’m also very excited for the puppet theater and voidcritters, it will make being a d in the sims 4 way more enjoyable, to say the least.

  • I enjoy the voidcritters capabilities including that you can trade the cards with other sims! Like my childhood! Thanks for the chance! Good luck to all of us

  • I’m most excited about the new bedroom set! I’ve gotten so bored of my kids bedrooms, it will be nice to have a change. 😀 Also any new CAS items for kids are much appreciated 😛