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The Sims 4 Laundry Day Items and more

Written by Annabelli_22

The team on The Sims 4 Laundry Day are working hard on the objects and checking for bugs with the gameplay.
This past week SimGuruGraham has shared more tidbits about the pack

Gameplay testing

The team has now officially received alpha approval, so it is in post-alpha. The pack is now scanned for bugs in the game and polish any errors away

One of the issues they are looking at is that the washing machine display, which is very detailed, isn’t very visible when you zoom out more. Which makes it harder for players to quickly see if the laundry is done or if the machine is running. Here they will polish visuals to make it clearer for players to see in what state the machine is.

Items check

Graham also explained he like to check every item and their colour options, for any art issues. He does this by placing them all on a lot so he can look them over fairly quickly.

Laundry day items

For comparison, check out the initial items list that won the vote. Can you spot them all?
I must say, I am happy to see that the stacked rugs are also in the pack as separate items, to give us players more options. But not only the rugs are separated, the ironing board, towel rack and scrub board that was shown as 1 piece before are also included separately


More testing

When testing, not only the ‘normal’ situations are being tested, also the abnormalities. For example for some test purpose, Graham wants an electrocuted Sim.

Testing every situation is important to find out if one affects the other, or maybe even breaks the feature.

Text lock

Have you ever read the descriptions for the items in the game? If not, you should. They usually have funny puns or hints (although, I don’t know if they really are hints, but it’s fun to look for them).
The team is based in the United States, but the game is played around the world, in multiple languages. Once the texts are finalized, other (translation) teams get to work to translate all those little bits of texts in all the different languages The Sims comes in. This is not only the texts in build mode, but also texts for moods, whims, notifications and everything else that has text.

Release date?

No news on a specific release date other than “Somewhere in 2018”.

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