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The Sims 4 Laundry List – 15 June 2021

Written by deagh

Sul Sul Simmers!

The Sims has shared their latest Laundry List, which is a list of the top concerns that they are investigating and hope to fix in the next patch.

  • Open staircase cause routing failures
  • In-Season Plants revert to dirt piles
  • CAS no longer shows what Sim is wearing in its columns
  • Sim Profile not opening after Learning (Dis)Likes/LUIE occurring
  • New (darker) hair swatches make Sims’ teeth look black
  • Several Hair Make Teeth Grey/Black
  • Random Sim in apartment/house / Guest not leaving
  • Eyelashes change color to match hair color
  • Teens age up/get generated with crow’s feet
  • Fabulously Filthy: Floor being dirty doesn’t fulfill

These are not all the items under investigation, but these are the most major.  And while they hope to get them all resolved  for the next patch, some items may not be able to be resolved until several patches down the line.

The article includes links to the relevant posts on Answers HQ, where you can report issues you’re having, or get advice on workarounds for these issues – or you can help provide workarounds if you’ve found a way to deal with some of the items on this list.  So even if they don’t have fixes right now, it’s worth checking out the Laundry List to see if there are temporary fixes or workaround available now.

If you are experiencing an issue that isn’t on this list, it’s also good to head to Answers HQ to report the issue, or add your “Me Too” if it’s already been reported.  These bug reports are one of the primary ways that issues get put on this laundry list.

Happy Simming!

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