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Welcome to Henford-on-Bagley – The Sims 4 Cottage Living

Written by moza

A few days ago, we got a postcard from A&A Crumplebottom.  

Today, the reveal trailer explained it all – The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion pack launches on July 22nd, and it looks amazing!

Of course, a reveal trailer isn’t going to tell us everything, so let’s look at what we know so far, along with some tidbits from tweets!

A new world

Henford on Bagley.  Even from the name alone, it evokes images of quiet English country towns.  The cottages have dormers and thatched roofs, and the village includes a local pub and a village green.  There also appears to be a new swimmable lake area.  Thinking about what’s in the world takes us to build/buy mode, and alongside a number of outbuildings such as an animal shed and a chicken coop, and a new country kitchen, I’m speculating that the terrain sculpting may have been tweaked, as it was shown in the trailer and there appears to be a duck pond.  Of course, that could be wishful thinking, we’ll need to wait and see!


One of the most asked for features across all iterations of The Sims franchise, you can now keep chickens for eggs, and cows for milk.  The trailer also showed llamas – possibly for wool, since she appeared to be shearing one.  The forest is home to wild rabbits, foxes and birds.  Gardening looks to have had some changes or additions, as the plots for the crops look larger, and you can now enter large crops into a competition.  The overview on the Sims site mentions “Lot Challenges” connected with the crops, so I’ll be interested to see how those play out!

You can even breed the animals, or at least the chickens!


Agnes Crumplebottom is back!  We guessed that might have been who signed the postcard, but it’s good to see her back in all her glory, with the pork pie hat and the handbag filled with bricks for dealing with overly amorous sims!  Who the other “A” is, remains to be seen, as that doesn’t match any of her known partners.


Besides the farming and gardening, cross stitching will be joining knitting in the arts and crafts area.  It’ll be interesting to see how they sell on Plopsy!  There’s also some canning and jam making, tied to the cooking skill, and another, as yet, unnamed skill.


Oh, and picnics are back!

Overall, this looks like a fun EP!  Releases July 22nd on all platforms, and if purchased before September 2nd, there are additional bonus objects!

See the trailer below, and the release info here.  Follow us on socials for updates as we get them!

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