The Sims 4 Major patch

Written by Annabelli_22

This November The Sims 4 for PC and MAC got a major update.

This November The Sims 4 for PC and MAC got a major update.
Read the patch notes for the full list

One of the big changes is a new Python update. Python is the programmer language The Sims is build with, and it needs updating too. But this means that most, if not all, script mods will have to be updated as well. Some have started doing so already. So before you update, be sure to take out all your mods to make sure you have a working game.

Now, what else is new

  • Terrain tools – We knew this was coming, but now it’s finally here! Share your creations with us!
  • Foundation update – Because of the added terrain tools, foundations got a new update too. Now you can change the foundation per room!
  • Additional basement levels – No longer just 2 levels, you can now have 4 basements! Or dungeons.. Your choice
  • Addition half wall heights – instead of 5, we now get 2 extra!
  • First person camera – This has never been seen before in The Sims, and is a truly different experience! See the full notes how to access it all
  • New career – Style influencer! Always wanted to make over townies? Now it can even be your job! It also comes with 2 new items
  • New clothing and objects – These are not marked with a gold icon for new items, but they’re there!
  • Positivity challenge – Limited time event until Dec 4th. Call Millie Bobby Brown to participate, and you can unlock a whole new aspiration!
  • Name your own career – No longer are you ‘unemployed’ or a ‘stay at home mom/dad’ while you work your butt off with painting, gardening or any other craft. Now you can name your own careers!
  • First time user experience – The tutorial when you first start the game has been given a overhaul as well
  • Gallery profile updates – The layout of your profile on the gallery has given an update
  • Whim updates – There’s a new ‘show whims’ option in the gameplay options menu so you can enable or disable whims
  • Simology panel update – Individual sections are now collapsible
  • Relationship panel – You can now filter on coworkers

And many many many fixes! Read them all in the patch notes
Happy Simming!

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