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The Sims 4 – Moonlight Chic Kit – A Review

Written by deagh

The Sims Team has teased the fact that the next kits and packs are nighttime themed, and this kit, Moonlight Chic, attempts to dress your Sims for some evening adventures.  Thanks to the EA Creators Network, we received a copy of the Moonlight Chic kit.  The opinions in this review are strictly our own.

Kits generally have a theme, and this one is clothing.  Specifically Teen/YA/Adult/Elder clothing.  There are no hairs and no clothing for children or toddlers in this pack. There are no accessories, although there is one pair of athletic looking shoes.  The color palette for all the clothing items is fairly similar, which actually ties together most of these items into a wardrobe of sorts.  One can mix and match many of the items to form a “look”.  Most of the items are coded both masculine and feminine, although of course all items can be worn by all Teen/YA/Adult/Elder Sims regardless.

You can see the colour swatches on some of the items, but note that all the images do not have swatches included because some of the swatch thumbnails do not accurately represent the colours the clothing comes in.  Hopefully this will be addressed in a patch.


Overall, this pack is a lot more casual than I expected with a name like “Moonlight Chic”  Other than the sequined looking top and skirt, it could be named “Work From Home Chic. Seven of the bottms are basically the same trousers in different lengths with or without belts and cargo pockets.  Many of the tops use exactly the same swatches, as I mentioned.  On the one hand, this does enable coordinating a look.  On the other hand it feels a bit cut and paste. There are some nice items in the pack, though.  The masculine solid colour open jacket is quite nice – I will make good use of that.  The slip dress comes in several colour gradient swatches and is really quite pretty.  It could also serve as a nice fancy nightgown.

The pack is also a bit heavy on the more traditionally feminine clothing.  All genders can wear all items, of course, but there are definitely more items with a feminine style choice than masculine.  There are some that are listed under both, which is good to see, but as usual it feels like the males were neglected a bit.

Final thoughts:  I am a bit disappointed in this pack.  The clothing is more casual than I was expecting and looks more suited to an evening at home than an evening on the town, for the most part.  I will make use of some of the items in it, but I do not think I would have purchased it.

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