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The Sims 4 – My First Pet Stuff – First Look

Written by deagh

The latest Stuff Pack from EA – My First Pets Stuff – gives your Sims more options for their pets! EA was kind enough to give us a review code so we are able to show you what is in the pack before you buy it.

When I first heard about this pack, I was not sure what to think. One of the things I have always liked about the Sims games is that each pack works with the other packs, but they can also stand on their own. This pack is a stuff pack for an expansion instead of a stuff pack for the game as a whole. If you don’t have Cats and Dogs, what does this pack have to offer you? Let’s have a look!


The My First Pet Stuff pack’s star item is the small pets, which the pack refers to as “rodents”. They come in a habitat and there are four: a hamster, a rat, a pygmy hedgehog, and a dwarf bulabus, which is a miniature version of a Voidcritter, brought to life. They’re actually really cute, and they run around their habitats quite a bit. I spent an enjoyable few minutes just watching the little guys run around. So far I’ve observed them on their wheel, taking a dust bath, and exploring their tunnels. Sims of every age group but toddlers can interact with them, and the Sims get various emotional boosts, both positive and negative, from doing so. Rodents need to be given food, attention, and activity to stay happy. I haven’t had enough play time with the rodents to say for certain, but it is likely that they will eventually die of old age, and it’s also possible they’ll die of neglect if they’re not properly cared for. They do have a chance to escape, but, per one of the loading screens, they come back.


The rest of the pack is themed around pets and kids. There are cat condos, pet beds, a small and large pet door, a food dish, and pet themed furniture and decorations, including an aquarium coffee table. If you don’t have the Cats and Dogs pack you still have access to the items like the cat condo and pet beds, but you’ll not really be able to use them, as you won’t have any cats and dogs to interact with these items.


There are also some CAS items, and these are mostly pet themed. Two hairs, a toddler hat, one shirt with several recolors for each age group, a hamster onesie for toddlers and kids, and a hamster costume for teens and adults.

There are also several items of clothing and costumes for pets, and if you don’t have the Cats and Dogs pack then you will not have access to the pet clothing in CAS.


Overall, this pack feels a bit thin to me. What is here is nice, and will work well with the other packs, but there is just not enough of it. If you have Cats and Dogs and like putting your Sim pets in costumes, then this pack is probably worth it to you. But if you don’t like pet costumes or you don’t have Cats and Dogs, then I am not sure that the rodents and the relatively few additional items that don’t need Cats and Dogs to be useful would make this pack a good value for your money.

This review is made possible by the code EA has given us. Our opinions are our own.

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