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The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack – Developer Blog

Written by moza

We’re less that 2 weeks away from the first Stuff Pack of 2021 – who’s looking forward to getting spooked?

To give us a few ideas what to expect, SimGuru Conor is back with some Developer Blogs, and you can read the first one here!

A couple of insights:

The new Scared moodlet will see sims react to their surroundings, resulting in them Screaming Incoherently.  They can Hide Under the Covers to recover or buy the new Brave trait from the rewards store.  What’s more, the Scared moodlet will replace and align a few of the existing ones, such as Startled by Ghost.

Both the moodlet and trait will be added to the base game via patch on 21st January, in time for the new pack’s release.

Haunted Houses will come by way of a new Lot Type – Haunted House Residential – and Conor suggests you can switch between this and a regular residential lot to suit your needs at the time.  These bring a number of additions to the atmosphere of the house, along with Spectres.  You can work to get rid of them, or learn to live alongside them – with a bit of help from Guidry.  This former Paranormal Investigator will help your sims learn the ropes on dealing with these spooky houseguests, and maybe start on a new career?

The blog also includes an interview with Briana Billups, one of the Audio Artists for the pack, who talks about the role in general, and making Haunted House sounds!

There’s another blog to follow, so watch this space!

The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff releases on all platforms on 26th January.


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