The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Patch – 27 April, 2021

Written by deagh

Happy Patch Day, Simmers!

The major item(s) in today’s patch are two hairs, one new and one reworked: EF30TightCurls, and ShortTextured, as pictured below. These hairs are available for all ages.

The rest of the patch is bug fixes and localization/translation fixes.

Of note:

City Living: Vegetarian Sims will no longer mistakenly eat non-vegetarian leftovers from the refrigerator. Not funny guys!

I randomize traits for my sims, and I tend to get a fair number of vegetarians for some reason. I’d had to pretty much stop using the “get leftovers” option entirely, as they’d invariably pick something with meat in it. Glad to see this is fixed!

Bust the Dust: Sims will no longer randomly drop their queued tasks for Vacuuming.

This one is awesome for anyone with Bust the Dust. I mean, it was nice to not have to worry about having the house be clean, but I’ve had them skip work and school to vacuum. Not cool!

Full list of updates and fixes can be found here.

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