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The Sims 4 Patch – March 23rd

Written by moza

We have an extra patch this month, which brings a few extras and a number of fixes.

Firstly, and for some people most importantly, we now have bunkbeds!

These come in 2 flavours – pre-made, or build it yourself!  In both cases, you have a choice of wooden or metal frame.

The pre-made ones are just as it sounds, one ready-made unit ready to drop into your game.  For the build it yourself option, you first place a loft bed which can either be used on its own, or place the single bed of your choice underneath.  Oh, except the Island Living four poster, that doesn’t work!

At this point, you can only officially place single beds underneath, but the SIm Gurus’ wording gives me hope that may change.

For this first iteration of Bunk Beds, placement of other objects beyond single beds will not be supported. But for those of you who want to experiment, we’re excited to see what kind of creative things you come up with from leveraging the MOO cheat!

We’ve been playing with desks and double beds to mixed results so far, watch this space for more!

What else does this pack bring?  Well, there are a couple of hair styles have been improved and expanded over all ages groups.  These are the *fHair_puffball and *mHair_shortafro

10 items in the Paintings and Posters category have been enhanced with added swatches.

There have been enhancements to a number of base game traits.  These are the hardest to cover properly, as you need to play to see the changes, but the idea is to make the behaviours more identifiable.

Finally, there are a number of bug fixes, a lot of which relate to items on the recently published laundry list.  You can find full details on the blog, here!

Now, who’s calling dibbs on the top bunk!

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