The Sims 4


Written by Annabelli_22

During the 21st anniversary live stream of The Sims announced that they will start sharing a “laundry list” or how GrimSuruDoi said LAUNDRY LIST.
This laundry list shares the top topics/bugs that are being investigated by the team and the goal is to have those things fixed in the next update.

This is not a guarantee that these bugs actually will be fixed before the next patch is out, sometimes they can’t fix it in time, but then we at least know they are being investigated.

The first list has been shared today, you can find it here (click for link)

When you’re in the official post of The Sims, you can click each link to see the bug report to keep track for possible (temporary) fixes or other updates. You can also report your own information on those bugs if you have any.

These laundry lists keep the community more in the loop about what the team is working on in terms of bug fixes.

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