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The Sims 4: Throwback Fit Kit – Review

Written by deagh

Thanks to the Game Changer program, for the Early Access of The Sims 4 Paranormal stuff.
Any opinions in this review are my own, although I do try to present both sides so you can make your own decision.


On 2 March The Sims debuted a new type of pack – kits.  Three kits were released: Bust the Dust, Country Kitchen, and Throwback Fit.  This article will be talking about Throwback Fit.


Throwback Fit is all about athleisure wear.  Your Sims can look good working out, or just walking around town looking like they do.  The colors and styles are all 90s, though.  Hot pink simply everywhere. I am more than old enough to remember the 90s, and I’d say they got the looks spot on.  This hat, in particular, brings back memories.  Pretty much everyone I knew had this hat in the 1990s.  It comes in 12 colors and it’s available for all ages, including toddlers!  This hat is the only content for toddlers in this pack, in fact.


Children got a little more content than toddlers did.  They have the hat, one pair of shoes (the shoes are available for all ages except toddlers), one top and one bottom which are labeled masculine and one full body outfit which is a short dress that is labeled feminine (although all children can wear all three items), and two styled looks.

Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Elders

Teens, YA, Adults, and Elders have the hat, the shoes, six tops (four labeled feminine and two masculine) five bottoms (four feminine and one masculine), three full-body outfits (all three are labeled feminine) and four styled outfits (two feminine and two masculine).  Note that the styled outfits don’t seem to show up for elders for some reason.  Not sure if that is as intended or not.  All outfits show up in the filters for Everyday, Athletic, and Hot Weather clothing.

As usual, there are many more items styled feminine than masculine.  Also, as I have noted in the captions of the appropriate slides, some of these items are fairly similar to items we already have, although they are not exactly the same. @thegrimcookies has tweeted a good side by side comparison here:

There are no hairs in this game kit.  It might have been nice to see some crimped hair, or an updo with a zillion of those little tiny hair clips.

As far as I can tell, there is no gameplay in this kit, it’s all CAS.  So what I have shown here is what you get.  All outfits have several different color options, as you can see in the slideshow.  They have at least 6 or 7 each, and some have as many as 12.  

Final Thoughts

I probably would not have bought this kit if I hadn’t received the code from EA Game Changers.  I like what is here and I am glad I got the code, but I can’t see myself spending $5 on CAS items.  But…CAS is not really my thing.  I have been known to leave toddlers, children and teens in whatever outfit they age into because I can’t be bothered changing it.  So, if dressing up your sims is important to you, then this might be a good pack for you.

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