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The Sims 4 – Patch Day! 14 June 2022

Written by deagh

Sul Sul Simmers!  It’s patch day, and this is a big one.  You can read the full patch notes here.

Some highlights:


The werewolves in the upcoming game pack are tied to the moon and this patch gets ready for that by introducing lunar cycles.  The moon in the Sims world has phases now!  You can adjust the phases or lock the moon or turn off moon effects.  Yes, the moon has effects!  Not just on werewolves, but on all sims, especially occult sims.  Vampires might regen power more slowly, spellcasters might have a greater (or smaller) success rate, things like that.  All sims teen and older can moonbathe, which gives moodlets, and there are even some interactions for toddlers!  They can say goodnight to the moon and have moon dreams  And, of course, the moon will visibly change as it goes through its phases.  This, for example, is the new moon:

I promise, it’s there.  Look for the circle in the center of the picture.  Later in the night I couldn’t find it in the sky at all, and the night was very dark.  I think the moon phases will add some nice visual variety to the game, so I think this is a great addition to the base game.


Small telescope, small telescope, small telescope!  I have wanted a small telescope since I first saw the monster behemoth telescope way back when the game first came out.  This telescope has most of the same functions as the observatory.  Your sims can’t woohoo in it, and it does not generate space prints.  It does, however, have a small chance of causing death by meteorite – which the observatory also now has.  Death by meteorite is a new death, and a new ghost.  The patch notes state that if your Sim notices something coming right for them, to get inside quickly, so this death may be preventable, which the meteorite death in The Sims 2 was definitely not.

So happy the small telescope is back.  This telescope does not take prints, though, so if you want the space prints, including 10 new moon-based prints, you need to place the big observatory.  We’ve found one of the prints so far, and it is very pretty.  We look forward to finding the rest of them, even if we have to use the big monster telescope to do it.

New wall patterns and terrain paints:

The Brickery Elite – Caution wallpaper is new and is meant to match the Brickery Elite wallpaper, and we have two new paints – river rock and pine duff.  The river rock paint will make some lovely paths, I think.


There is one new beard, a fairly long curly beard, which is available to teen, young adult, adult, and elder sims.  That’s a fairly impressive beard for a teen to grow, but hey, werewolves are coming soon, so I’d expect some sims will be fairly hirsute.  It’s really great to get different hair textures in the facial hair, too.  Hopefully they will release some other facial hair styles with the curly texture.

They’ve also edited the base game variants of the wedding dresses, based on feedback.  I think the edited colors are much improved – thanks for listening to the players!

There is also now a base game veil-less version of the My Wedding Stories wedding hijab.  I’m really happy to have this.  It’s a beautiful hijab and several of my sims will be wearing it.

Other additions and adjustments

The scenarios menu has been updated to show more information and make the scenario requirements more clear.  Limited timed scenarios are also featured at the top of the scenario menu.  There are also some changes to the Live Mode UI to better show the actions to take during a scenario.

Wolfsbane, which was previously part of the Vampires pack, has been brought to base game.

Phew that’s a lot of stuff!  This was also the pre-patch for the Werewolf game pack, which is coming on 16 June.  Mods were disabled when this patch was applied, and many mods are now broken and will need to be updated.  Check the creator pages for any mods you may have for the status of their mods and for updates.

Happy Simming!

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