The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff

Birds chirping, plants budding… it’s the season of love, and your Sims can experience it for themselves with The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack!

On February 11th The Sims 4 Romantic Garden stuff came out.
The title says it all about this pack. It revolves around your Sims’ garden and making it more romantic, with Victorian styled garden statues, as well as new flowery and romantic clothing for you Sims.

The pack has 19 new CAS items and 32 new build items.

2016-02-14 14_10_21-The Sims™ 4 Romantic Garden Stuff - Official Site
can be one sentence Of course, just like the previous stuff packs, there are items with new gameplay – The Fountain and the Wishing Well.

The “Fountain of Gluteus Maximus” is a large new object that your Sim can sit on an chat, if they feel a little mischievous, they can throw soap in it for a little fun and if they are looking for a good time, they can even play in the fountain. both adult and child Sims can play in the fountain.

The “Whispering Wishing Well” makes the wishes of your Sims come true. There are different types of wishes.
Wish for: Simoleons, happiness, skills, youthful vigor, a child or a promotion. But beware! If the Whispering Wishing well is in a foul mood, your wish may turn out bad!

There are over 50 different outcomes for the wishes.

I’m loving both items. They look great in a public park, and all the objects have a ton of different colour options. And with MoveObjects on there are a ton of possibilities to create a different look every time.


With the new plants and other garden items that come with this stuff pack you can create a truly lush park or garden. The plants all have several colour options as well, which adds variety

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I made a park to use for this review, if you want it, it is on the Gallery!

As for the CAS items, there are, as always, more stuff for young adult/adult females than any other age or gender. But none the less, there are still some very cute items.
In the slideshow I am showing all clothing options. The female hair is gorgeous and I’m liking the male hair as well. Both boys and girls get the short haircut, and the girls get an extra bow long hair style.
Most items have a floral option, and more plain options, though not all.

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So what do I think of this stuff pack? I love the new plants and the new garden pieces. I consider myself a builder in The Sims and I am happy that there are a finally more options to create a flower garden.
Though I do sort of miss a new wedding arch. It is romantic isn’t it?
There are not many clothing options, especially for children, but I am okay with that, it does seem to focus more on build/buy this time.
Overall, I think it is an awesome pack that especially goes well with Get Together. And I will be using it a lot. And that dress with a large flower pattern on it? I’m going to have too many sims in that same dress. I love it.


I give this stuff pack 4 out of 5 stars, because I do love this pack, I would have liked to see a few more items that would’ve gone great with this theme pack.

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