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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape – Skills and Activities

Written by Annabelli_22

Thanks for the EA Game Changers program for giving us early access to the new pack. Because it was Alpha software, it is possible that there are small changes in the pack before release.
For this review we only had access to Base game and The Sims 4 Snowy Escape.
At the bottom of the page you can find an index to our other The Sims 4 Snowy Escape articles.


You can find the slopes in Yukimatsa, in this neighbourhood there is eternal snow. On this mountain there are 5 slopes each with it’s own difficulty, just like in real life.
You have to build up your Ski or Snowboard skill before you can use the more difficult slopes.
All slopes, except for the bunny slopes, have 3 intensity options. Low, medium or high intensity.
With low intensity your Sim will take the safest path, avoiding most trick opportunities. So if you’re in the lower skill levels or just starting on a slope, this might be the best options until your Sim has some confidence and practice.
Medium intensity your Sim will be a little more daring, and might take some jumps that are on the slopes, it varies each time which one they pick or how many.
High intensity is where your Sim will show off as much skill as they can. If your Sim doesn’t have a high skill, chances of failure are higher as well.

The weather can also have influence on the slopes. Icy conditions make the slopes extra slippery, so be careful when you go down a slope when it’s icy. You can check the slope conditions on the information board at the bottom of the slopes, between the bunny and the beginner slope. If it is icy, there will be a warning sign on there, as well as you can see an ice shimmer on the snow.

Bunny slopes

Bunny slopes, these are the perfect slopes for when you just start out with skiing or snowboarding. But this is also the only slope where you can use the sled.
The bunny slopes have 5 different small slopes. Each one a little different. one has 2 jumps in them, others have some curves, or go straight down. Your Sim will pick one of them autonomously.

Beginner slopes

To take the beginners slopes, your Sim takes the gondola up to the top. on the left side from the gondola are the beginner (and the intermediate) slopes. You can only snowboard or ski down here, or if you don’t want to do either, take the gondola back down.

Intermediate slopes

The next step up, intermediate slopes. Before you can ski or snowboard on these slopes, you have to have that skill up to level 3. Then you can start with low and medium intensity runs down the slopes.
To do the high intensity runs on the intermediate slopes, you need skill level 4.

Expert slopes

Unlocks at level 4, unlocks all intensities at once. This slope no longer has any ramps made out of snow, but rocks are the jumps.
The Expert slope is the first one to the right of the gondola.

Ludicrous slopes

Unlocks at level 5, unlocks all intensities as well. This the most advance slope, where you can truly show off you skills. These are the slopes to the far right. And it splits into 2 routes.


A snow activity for all ages, from Toddler to Elder, every Sim can sled. This activity has no visible skill tied to it, so how well they do is more random.
Toddlers can not sled down the slopes alone, but they can sled with kids to elders. The bunny slopes are the only place you can sled. So sadly no hiking with a toddler in tow on a sled.


Skiing is one of the 3 new skills in this pack. The skill can be build from Teen to Elder. When kids ski they build motor skill, but after they have completed the motor skill, they do not start building up the ski skill.
When your Sim has ski level 1, they will fall a lot. But as they build skill, they will do more and more impressive tricks.

If your Sim doesn’t own their own pair of skis, they will automatically borrow them from the lodge. Those skis however don’t fit your Sim very well (when do loaners ever do?) and will result in sore feet. Want to buy your own pair? At the bottom of the slopes, near the entrance of the gondola, there is a vending machine that sells “bits’n bobbles”. Where you can buy your own pair for
$200 for adult size, $160 for kid size.

Once you hit skill level 3, you can also find fancier ones in build buy, as well as when you get to level 6 and level 10. The Level 10 skis are the fancy LED skis.

But actually being on the slope isn’t the only way to build up this skill, you can also read a book about it. This book is the only exception that is not called: Skiing vol 1 (2, or 3), but “Mastery of Skiing Vol 1”


Snowboarding is also new in the pack, same as with skiing, can be built by Teens to Elder. The activity however, can be done by kids as well, they just build Motor skill from it instead.
You can choose if your Sim is a goofy rider, or a regular rider by clicking on a slope and switching to the other.

Same as with skiing, if you don’t own your own board, don’t fret, you can borrow one for free from the lodge. But if you enjoy snowboarding, you should consider getting your own board, as they are more comfortable. You can buy one for the vending machine or from build/buy. They stay in your inventory unless in use.

Unlock better and cooler snowboards by progressing your skill, at level 3 you unlock the first one, and the next ones at level 6 and at level 10. The better your board, the more fun they are.

If your way of learning is more theoretical, then you can also read a book for snowboarding. “Snowboarding Vol 1/2 and 3” are there to purchase from a bookcase.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is also added in this skill. If you have The Sims 4 Fitness stuff, then the climbing wall under fitness stuff will also be updated, which will be great to practice your climbs indoors.
You can either read a book about rock climbing, called Rock Climbing Vol 1/Vol 2/Vol 3, or you can put your skill to practice. There are 3 different wall heights for rock walls, low, medium and high.
Low rock walls can be started on with no skill.
The Medium rock wall height can be climbed at Level 3 Rock Climbing skill
And the tallest rock wall, can be climbed at level 6 Rock Climbing wall.

You can find the low rock wall across from the bunny slopes in Yukimatsu, medium wall heights can be found at the top of the slopes, as well as in the Senbamachi neighbourhood, next to the bamboo forest.
During the Mountain Climbing Excursion you will come across a few medium height rock walls, but also the tall one. So be prepared if you go on that hike!

Climbing Mt. Komorebi

An all new excursion, that you can find under your Social Events, Mountain Climb Excursion.
It’s a new goaled event, can’t turn the goal off, and costs $200 to start

For this excursion you need to pick an Excursion Leader, and an Excursion Team Member. This means you need to go with at least 2 Sims.
Before you go on this excursion, it’s good to be prepared. As this is not an easy expedition.

The Excursion is divided in different parts, where you need to complete a certain amount of goals before you can move on to the next stage.
One of the important things you need is a high enough rock climbing skill. There are different rock walls, of different heights. If you Sim or one from your party, doesn’t have a high enough Rock Climbing Skill, they can not climb the wall, and not proceed to the next stage.

If your Sims can’t continue, you have to quit the excursion, build up your skills and try again. Be careful though, your Sims might get some unpleasant feelings about each other if you do.

On the hike to the mountain top, there are multiple climbing walls that your Sim must climb up over.
The first one is the medium height wall, a Sim needs Climbing level 3 to attempt a climb on these walls.
In the second stage, there is also a medium height wall, so if you got this far, your Sim will also get to the next point.
The third stage however, has a tall height wall. A Sim needs level 6 to attempt a climb on this wall height.


In both Senbamachi and Yukimatsu there are several hiking paths your Sims can choose.
This is a new activity that is especially nice for more than one Sim, but of course not limited to. When Sims go on a hike together, they will actually walk together, wait for each other and interact with each other. Sims can also gain sentiments from hikes, if they enjoyed the time they spend together.

In Senbamachi you can find these hiking trails: Temple, Mountain Shrine and Bamboo Forest.

In Yukimatsu you can go on these hiking trails: Natural Cove, Historic Shrine and Cave Statue
And in both neighbourhoods you can also Jog the Exercise Trail, do a Meditative Walk (to reach your Zen), Hike Scenic Loop and just Hike Around.

Forest Spirits and Kodama

During hikes, Sims can encounter various spirits. Either Kodama or Forest Spririts. Kodama seem to be rarer than Forest spirits to encounter. And for the Forest Spirits there are a few different colours they come by.

When you encounter them, Sims can try to collect them, or make a wish. Making a wish will sometimes give you a blessing. One of them even gave me some simoleons.
Be careful, if you don’t manage to collect them, the spirits might get angry at you, resulting in a ‘curse’. But if you’re lucky, you’ve collected a spirit doll. There are 5 colours to collect: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and White. These don’t show up in your Household Collections though.

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