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The Sims 4 story progression

Written by Annabelli_22

We have a little more clarity about story progression in The Sims 4.
Townies and other Sims age and die while time passes. Though they will not make any life decisions. So they won’t get new jobs, marry or divorce and they won’t have children. If you want that to happen, you would have to go and control those Sims. When a family has died and there are no Sims left in a home, a new family will move in. They will use families from the Townies list first. @SimGuruGraham couldn’t tell us yet if the game would generate families with children.

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You have a few options for aging. You can turn it on or off, but you can also set it so only your own household ages. NPC’s will age even when they are in a part of the world that you have not loaded. They will keep on simulating in the background. Unless of course you have aging turned off.
Sims won’t randomly move away. Though if you wanted them to move out, you can always do that yourself.

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  • “So they won’t get new jobs, marry or divorce and they won’t have children.”

    If that’s the case, what’s the point of Story Progression? This sounds just like The Sims 3 Story Progression. It’s pointless. I had to install the Nraas Story Progression mod just to get the game to work how I wanted it to. Quite frankly, I had hoped they would improve it for TS4. If not, well, I guess TS3 will be the last sims game I’ll play.

    Quite honestly, TS4 just seems like a big disappointment to me. And I was so looking forward to it as well 🙁

  • Finally some good news for TS4. The story progression was horrible in TS3 and destroyed the entire game for me. I just hope it will be like TS2, where you play a neighbourhood and not a household.

  • “they will not make any life decisions”
    does that mean they will not make friends and interact with other sims?!
    or do they only interact with sims they know? or not at all? the gurus has some serious answering to do.

  • This is driving me crazy. No story progression?????? That was my favorite part of Sims 3. I got very attached to the town’s people and loved to find out who they were dating, who broke up, who had a new baby, it made the town feel so alive. This is a step back of epic proportions. So many of the best features from Sims 3 are being removed and its causing infuriated fans to turn their backs. They better add in all the old features at a later date and add them in via free game update instead of making us pay for basic game features! Come on!