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The Sims 4 Tiny Living – Early Access review

Written by Annabelli_22

EA was kind enough to give us an early access review code through the EA Game changers program.

Our views are our own and we like to share them with you.

It’s time to get small, tiny or even micro!
The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff pack will release January 21st 2020, and is a pack that will challenge you to build and live tiny!
But there aren’t only build/buy items in this pack. CAS also got a few new things.
Like always, we will divide the review in to different aspects. Build/Buy, Gameplay and CAS.

Before you get into the pack, you have the option to add a pre-made Tiny Residential Lot to give you a feel as to what it’s about. You can place this anywhere as long as the lot is bigger than 20×30, and move a sim straight in, or explore in build/buy. If you don’t add it at the start it’s available in your library to add later


With a title like Tiny Living, it’s no surprise that this pack is one that can shine for the builders.
When you enter build mode, you can now also choose a new lot type, Tiny Home Residential.

You can switch between Residential and Tiny Home Residential at any time in build mode. Once you’ve selected Tiny Home residential, it will have a few criteria.
1: there has to be at least 4 tiles build.
2: there can be no more than 100 tiles.

In between 4 and 100 there are 3 tiers.
Tier 1: Micro home, you can have no more than 32 tiles
Tier 2: Tiny Home, 64 tiles is the limit for this one
Tier 3: Small home, this is the 100 tiles limit.

Which tier you’re in, will select automatically by how many tiles you have build. At the top of your screen it show you the amount of tiles build at all time, so you don’t have to have the build info menu dropped down the whole time.

Pools, fountains, stair landings and roofs do not count for your tile count. But be careful, placing a floor to close the gap under a roof, does count.
We made an article with The Sims 4 Tiny Living build tips

There aren’t any new wall papers or flooring, nor any new fences, or windows. There is 1 new door. That’s it for build items.
But there are some great space saving new pieces in buy mode.

Murphy bed
One of the major new items is the Murphy bed. There are 2 murphy beds, one with a sofa and one without a sofa.
You will see it appear more than once in build/buy, but those are just variations with the matching bookcase.
The matching bookcase can be placed free standing, but once it’s close to the Murphy bed, it will actually snap in place to either side of the Murphy bed. Similar to what dining chairs do to tables and kitchen counters.
Murphy beds seem to break quite quick and only give 1 energy. Now, if you’re living in a micro home, the comfort will get doubled, and your handiness skill goes up fast when fixing your Murphy bed. I do hope this gets tweaked at some point. In 3 nights, the bed broke 3 times. You can upgrade the bed so it won’t break as often, but it will still break sometimes.
Your Sims can also be ‘swallowed by the bed’ (it will fold up while your Sim is sleeping). As a result, your Sim won’t sleep in the Murphy bed for at least a while.
But the times it works well, your Sims will feel ‘one with the remote’, giving a positive buff.

The All in one TV
Another space saving item is the All in one TV. There are 2 versions, a bigger 2 tile free standing TV/Unit. and a smaller 1 tile hanging unit.
These TVs aren’t only TVs, but also a bookcase and a radio. So for all your entertainment, you only have to place one item.
Downside of these items, is that the price is quite high ($2,260 and $2,890) and only give a fun of 2. While the cheapest Penguin TV will give you a fun of 4 for only $275.

Aside from these two feature items, there is also a new single bed (there is no double bed version of it, the Murphy bed is that), 3 dressers which are both only 1 tile.
Dining chair, bar table, bar stools, sofa, coffee table and 2 low side tables, a higher side table, 1 tile desk, 2 clutter items, hanging lights, 1 version for each wall height.
A new mirror, toilet and sink and a bookcase


Living in one of the tiny houses will give some perks as well. The smaller tier you’re in, the more perks you get with 6 perks for Micro homes.

When living in a small home, bills are lower than in a regular residential house, and positive buffs like happy, focused and inspired last twice as long.
I’ve tested this with a micro home, 1 week as a Tiny Home Residential the bill was §197, and the next week in the same house as a regular residential lot it was §395.

If you’re in a tiny home, you get two more perks in addition, skill gain is twice as fast and everything with comfort, gets even comfier.

Relationships grow faster when you live in a micro home. with just 5 friendly interactions or so, and my Sim’s friendly bar was full with another Sim.
They made the assumption that if you live in a micro home, you’re more likely to be an outdoorsy person, and a better gardener, so there is a perk for that too.

And of course your Sims can brag about their Really Really Micro home, Really Tiny home or Small home.


Teens, adults and elders got a few clothing items and some hair styles.
Kids and toddlers only got hairstyles. The same ones as adults.


Overall this pack is one really for builders and for those who like to play challenges, for example the drifter challenge. The reduced bills and the perks will go a long way for many challenges.
As this is a stuff pack, there aren’t that many items, but the things that are there are quite great. There are some tweaks that would be nice though, like the Murphy bed not breaking THAT often, or the TV sets to give a little more fun, especially because they are so expensive.
We’re curious to know what YOU think of this stuff pack after seeing more of it.

Also, to help you along in living tiny, while reviewing this pack, I’ve build a few houses for you to move in to.
You can use the download link, or you can search the Gallery with EA ID Annabel_22 or #PlatinumSimmers

Tiny Tudor – Micro home + Starter (32 tiles)

Lavender House – Micro Home (32 tiles)

Modern Rose – Tiny Home (64 tiles)

Stacked Living – Small home (100 tiles)

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