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The Sims FreePlay: 2013 Holidays Update is here!

It’s that time of year again, where you get in the festive spirit for the holidays! And why leave your Sims out on all the fun? The Sims FreePlay’s 2013 Holiday update is here, and you’ll want to get in on all of these LIMITED EDITION goodies quickly:

  • LIMITED EDITION: Complete the “Thanksgiving Day” quest to earn free LE Turkey & Pilgrim hats, and am exclusive Turkey Beanbag! (ENDS NOVEMBER 28th!)
  • LIMITED EDITION: Get into the silly spirit of the holidays! Starting December 1st, four free Christmas presents will begin arriving at your Sims’ houses!
  • LIMITED EDITION: Santa’s back, and he’s brought The Grouch with him! You have 12 days to save Christmas! Complete “The Missing Xmas Elves” quest to unlock adorable new PET riendeer, and earn a bunch of new Christmas decorations from FreePlay’s 3rd Xmas celebration! (DECEMBER 13th thru DECEMBER 25th!)
  • LIMITED EDITION: Complete the “10… 9… 8…” quest and unlock awesome New Year’s Eve fireworks for your Sims to make an awesome display viewable from anywhere in town! (Available DECEMBER 29th!)
  • LIMITED EDITION: 3 free new Dove products – a shower, bath tub, and vanity mirror – have been added to the Home Store!
  • Have you been struggling to unlock those Mystery Island monuments? Fear not! The unlock levels for most every monument has been significantly lowered, with the highest level to unlock the Springs of Fortune now being level 33.
  • UPDATE:  You can now adopt Toddlers over the phone, like PreTeens and Teens! Remember, this costs real money.  It costs $4.99 in the US and most likely about 4 Euros in Europe and 3 Pounds in the UK.
  • UPDATE: The maximum number of Sims allowed per level has been slightly adjusted to allow you to add more Sims more frequently!

Do not change your date and time settings while this quest is active, and make sure they’re set correctly! It will break things. 

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  • Awesome! How come you know all of this when it’s only just starting!!!! Thanks!!!! Anyway, today on Dec 1st I got a parcel like you said and I opened it. There was wallpaper and decor in there and I wanted to buy it just then but…… I can’t find it anywhere, PLEASE help!!!!

    Oh, and one more thing….. Do you know when and if Osiris is visiting a third time???

  • Did anyone else not get their presents today, which is only the second day. Last night I got mine at midnight…I’ve been waiting all night and haven’t received anything.

    • Same, I got mine at midnight last night but according to a website you only get 4 presents so it would be every 5 days, hope it helps

  • In the Xmas missing elves quest it says to get the attention of an elf, but how?!?!?!? I’ve tried everything! And it’s the second day and I haven’t had any presents, not one, please help asap!!!!!!!!!

  • I have not got my second Christmas gift yet it is not at my neighbours I wonder if it because I got rid of my first house as that was where my first gift was

  • I haven’t received my second present! I got mine yesterday at one of my less used houses and I keep checking for it but there’s nothing! I’ve had no messages to tell me it arrived! I got mine yesterday 9:36 (roughly) AM and I waited a whole 24 hours but still nothing! Is it a glitch or are they not daily?

  • When can we have more than 2 kids!! I am trying to replicate my family (Mum, Dad, 1 big sister and 3 little sisters and me!) And it won’t let me! Aarrggghhh!(Not really angry, don’t worry!)

    • As of right now in the game you can only have 4 family members, I’m pretty sure. But I’m not sure as to when or if that will change.

    • Did you reach the sim count limit? There’s a sim limit until you reach a certain level, then you’ll unlock more sim counts. If you’re having prob creating more sims, i suspect that could be the reason… if that’s not it, that i’m afraid i can’t help you either… =/

  • I didn’t get my Christmas present today either. Also, someone wrote that they couldn’t get an elf’s attention; where are the elves?

  • Where do I find the elves? I had the newsletter about them but can’t find them anywhere. Can anybody help me please? Thanks 🙂

    • Iv also had two presents but I got them before the 1st of December :s and the thanksgiving quest has come back up for me to complete again ? :s I’m so confused

      • I changed the time a while ago before the thanks giving quest now I have the Christmas quest waiting in que because I have to many quests up and I can’t get rid of them 🙁 pleaseee help!!

      • I’m sorry, the only thing you can do is hurry up and complete those quests!
        I’d highly recommend getting as many LP’s as you can in order to skip through the quests, it will be very hard to catch up. But since you can’t skip individual steps, you’ll have to skip the actions themselves, which may cost more LP.

  • Can someone confirm for me if there is a glitch that is preventing people from growing PreTeens into Teens? This would be EXTREMELY useful information, but don’t go out of your way to find out! 🙂

  • Does anyone know how to get presents or Santa to come to your house??? If anyone can help just leave a comment below. Thanks try to get back to me as fast as you can. Thanks again!!!!!:):)

    • Santa will not come until December 13th, don’t worry!
      And presents will come automatically every few days! They appear the lot in which you load the game up in. 🙂

  • I can’t find my fourth present today? I got a message saying it was delivered but I have spent the last 30 min checking every house and there’s nothing! 🙁 any suggestions??

    • Try closing the app and taking it out of background tasks. Make sure you’re checking next to the mailbox.
      Double check EVERY house, it comes in the house you load up in!

  • Eep! Anyone know why I can’t find my outdoor santa sleigh decoration? I have unlocked it and checked everything….nothing else seems to be missing :/

    • Hi!
      I’m sorry you haven’t seen Santa yet, try checking again.
      Also, remember, you probably need to complete any other quests (not daily objectives) before you can get started on this one! I’m not entirely sure, but I think you need to finish any you have.

      • I got a reminder saying Santa has come to your town etc etc and when I opened up my sims he wasn’t there! I know of others who have had Santa visit despite having quests open :/

  • So I updated and I didn’t get any gifts or quests :/ AND its the 13th and still nothing! HELP I want da reindeer! D:

    • Have you completed every other quest that you have? (Aside from daily objectives?)
      You need to complete any other quest. Like the Road to Fame or Mysterious Island quests,
      Try checking again.

  • Last night I got Santa to visit for the first time and did the first day completed. I then reloaded today and can’t find the Santa and he is no longer in my sim tracker. I don’t know why the reindeer is not in the park either and the quest isn’t showing up anymore

    • Maybe you should contact ae. It seems like theres alot of bugs. Try to ask them to update the game because of all the bugs they need to squash ????

    • If you have an old iCloud save from before this incident, download that. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it is true that this update is festering with bugs. HUGE bugs.

  • I can’t get the Santa quest please help! I’m on the love is in the air quest. I’m on level 6. Please help. Thanks.

  • I am very pleased with the update but i have a problem where I can’t achieve my goal because last night i put my sleigh in my inventory and today the goal is to purchase a sleigh. Also I can’t buy another sleigh as i only have 7LP pls help .

    • The sleigh costs 2LP.
      The quest is talking about the practice sleigh that you should have unlocked on Day 3!
      And even if you already bought it, take it out and set it down and the step should be completed.

    • The update caused a glitch with Facebook neighbours not showing up. You have to press the login button (keyhole button under options) and sign in to Facebook again if that’s what you’re using!

      • I noticed that the facebook friends had disappeared. I have logged into Facebook time and time again, but it never stays. I hope that this is fixed, because I went from 19 friends to 3. 🙁 And when I do get it to log in and stay, I can’t get the rewards because it resets the timer!

  • I was told to purchase sleigh end go to santas workshop and i have done both but the challenge does not recognize my progress and wonr give me the nextstep? Help? Zoe

    • I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do.
      Try using a different Sim.
      If that doesn’t help, reread the step carefully, although I do believe that should have been it.

      If nothing works, download a RECENT save from the iCloud from BEFORE you got stuck! That should definitely help!

    • You get the update from using the App Store, or wherever it is you get apps for your device!
      These quests should be available to anyone of any level, I believe!

    • You need to make sure the game is updated fully, and make sure your time and date settings are correct.
      You also need to make sure you have no main quests already in progress.

  • LOL,i do change my phone date and time setting, and i skip the christmas event and now i start doing new year’s eve quest.

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