The Sims FreePlay: All Grown Up Update

Get ready for a whole generation of fun! The All Grown Up 5.2.1 Update is finally here!

It’s time to complete the Family Tree from babbling Babies to seasoned Seniors!

Live life to the fullest every step of the way!

  • All Grown Up: by popular demand, age your Teens into Adults by completing the “Adulthood” quest at LEVEL 19 and higher!
  • Meet the Grandparents: Grab your wooly cardigan and welcome Senior Sims into the family by completing the “Seniors” quest at LEVEL 21 and higher!
  • LIMITED EDITION: Complete the “Adulthood” quest by January 29th to unlock an Expanded Wardrobe for Adult Sims!
  • LIMITED EDITION: Complete the “Seniors” quest by January 29th to unlock LE Exercise bikes for your Senior Sims
  • Needle and Thread: Master the art of patchwork with the all-new Quilting hobby and spoil the grand-kids with an adorable handmade Teddy bear – available by completing the “In Stitches” quest and LEVEL 23 and higher from FEBRUARY 5th!
  • Relax in Retirement: Make some new feathered friends and take up the new Bird Feeding hobby to unlock your very own Pet Bird. You start off only being able to feed birds in the Park, but you will eventually unlock being able to do it at the Swim Center, the Community Center, and the Snow Park!” – available at LEVEL 25  by completing the “Bird Feeding” quest and higher from FEBRUARY 19th!
  • Bingo Hall: Mosey on over with your friends for a round of lucky numbers and win the big Simoleon jackpot! The Bingo Hall is a building on Mystery Island for Senior Sims to attend daily games for a chance to win, like the Competition Center!
  • Do-it-Yourself: Renovate brand new house templates into your dream estate.
  • Cash in your Pension: Live in style with all new décor for your grand old Sim.
  • The quest queue now shows how many tasks you currently have active.
  • The Sim Tracker, Visit Neighbor, Salon, and Costume & Swim store menus now label Sims’ ages beneath their name instead of being color-coded
  • The relationships panel has a new interface.
  • When an interactive item is selected, the star rating now appears over the name of the object.
  • The Promotions-R-Us and Car Dealership menus have new designs.
  • The Costume & Swim store and Salon have new interfaces.
  • The Fashion Design hobby no longer requires tapping a lightbulb 3 times to design clothes.
  • A new roofing style is available!
  • Two new Houseboat designs were added.

What are you waiting for?! Go get your Elder Sims NOW!!!

As a final update: The trait system has been temporarily removed in preparation of something bigger and better!

Author: Bunbunnyny

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