The Sims Freeplay

The Sims FreePlay: Life Dreams & Legacies Update

Get ready to make something new out of your Sims’ lives! They will have more personality than ever before in FreePlay, as they get new personalities and dreams in the new 5.3.0 Update (A total of 522 MB)!

Live out your perfect Sims story! Watch your Sims grow through their full life-cycle, move on to the afterlife, and pass legacies from one generation to the next. Complete the “Life Dreams & Legacies” quest at Level 24+ to get your Sims ready for their next exciting adventure!

– Live Big, Dream Big-Complete the full life-cycle of your Sims with natural aging and help them fulfil Life Dreams from Babies to Seniors!

– Trip to the Afterlife-Keep the Family Tree growing through the generations. Be escorted to the afterlife and pass on legacies to future generations.

– Sporty vs. Geek-Get to know your Sims with two new in-depth personalities and goals. Will your Sims show off their athletic prowess at the Swim Center or contemplate the world of Quantum Physics over a hot tea?

– Beachside Bliss-Soak up the sun at the Beach! Grab your snorkel and hit the coral reef or collect seashells on the sand in two new hobbies for your Sporty Sims.

– Game On-Embrace your inner Geek and unlock the Game Arcade. Master all-new hobbies for your Geeky Sims including Skill Tester, Pinball Wizard and Arcade Gamer!


– Complete the “Life Dreams & Legacies” quest in 1 week to earn a LIMITED EDITION super-inspiring Singing Salmon!

– Spot Osiris hovering over Sim Town! Who knows? We may just get yet another visit from our favorite green little friend!

– Osiris has invented an AMAZING new device, never before seen in The Sims: The Age Controller! With this new device, you can speed up, pause, and even REVERSE the aging of your Sims! Complete the “Life Dreams & Legacies” quest to unlock this amazing new feature!

– A bald hairstyle is now available.

– Collect Life Orbs to unlock cool new features related to the new personalities in the game.

– Tons of new interactions have been added on nearly every object!

– Hobbies advance noticeably faster

– The amount of time it takes to complete actions have been changed on many objects.

– The Build Lot menu has been redesigned.

– To permanently Pause a Sim’s Life Cycle, you can give a Platinum personality orb to a Sim.

– A complete Life Cycle takes 41 Action Days to complete, with each individual age group taking a different amount of time to pass through.

– Once you complete the new quest, you can give existing Sims Life Dreams by using a wardrobe. (Remember, future updates will have new Personalities, so don’t give EVERY Sim a personality unless you really want to!)

[box type=”warning”] IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! Once Osiris builds the Age Controller, your Sims will naturally age when they complete actions. Their age can be told be the new colored rings around their heads. Completing actions will make the rings fill up. Do not allow them to fill up if you do not want your Sims to naturally age.[/box]



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    • I don’t think that you earn experience faster, but they did change A LOT of the actions in the game and how long it takes to complete them.

  • Because I’m on level 19 and it says you need to get the level 24 to unlock the beach, arcade, personalities, and dreams

    • Once you get up to LV 24, you have to complete the Life orbs events in order to build the arcade and the beach. Because you need them to build the arcade and the beach.

  • I had to age forward one of my sims because of the quest and when i selected the option to reverse age it, it took my lifestyle point repeated times but it did not make it happen. How can I get those back. Besides, now ir has aged it is not married any more. I want the family back to how it was because it was not my choice to do that, it was a mission.

    • This update was a mistake, IMO.
      Reversing the aging cycle does not put them to the previous life state – it puts them to the BEGINNING of the current one. πŸ™ Sorry, I understand how you feel about this.

  • I not very happy about this new update. I just completed the new life dreams & legacies quest, used a lot of LPs to finish it, when completed I was prompted to get the singing fish from the decorations inventory, but it was not there. Now, it’s promoting me to start the quest all over again and lost all the LPs I used. Please help!!!!!!!!

    • I’m so sorry! Check the options and see when your last upload to the Cloud was. If your last upload was from before is happened, download that. I would suggest not getting it from the inventory until it’s fixed.
      I’m sorry. πŸ™

  • I got a cheat from somebody eles. It has something to do with the LP. When you go to plant outside if you have an LP planet that cost 99€ – ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS GO INTO SETTINGS AND CHANGE THE LANGUAGE TO ANY ONE THEN GO BACK ( DONT PUSH RESTART GAME, AGAIN DONT PUSH RESTART GAME) once you got back the plant should be free. Make sure you set it back to English once your done getting your LPS

  • I am just completing the quest tonight. How do I get orbs for my current sims when I am done ? Will only new babies get one ?

    • Go to the wardrobe/dresser(Create-A-Sim menu) for each sim you can select a personality (geeky vs Sporty) for each one.

  • I lost all my neighbors when I down downloaded the new update In sims free play
    Any way I. An get them back or I am looking for new ones so Add me


  • I can’t give my sim a personality EVEN with the new update! There is no personality button to set it in the sim creator. Please help!

  • I absolutely despise the new update. I cried cause my Sim died. Life itself has too many sorrows, this update reminds me if all that. I play the Sims to relax and escape from the daily grind. This new stuff with death and aging has totally bummed me out.

    • Try doing this: Whenever your Sim passes on to the afterlife, make a baby version of them.
      Pretend you’re “reincarnating” the Sim – give them the same name and gender, and pretend they’re just getting to live their life again and get to try being a completely different person this time around!
      It would be like they never left you! πŸ™‚

      • I am so angry! I too play to relax! In the past month alone have dealt with two deaths and just found out yesterday that a close friend is dying. Why do I want this option???? I have spent a lot of money to play this game!!!! And I may quit and go back to playing gardens of time where my money doesn’t die too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Free play not so free anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie says:
    March 21, 2014 at 8:30 am
    i am on the quest but cant find the flashing button to open the age machine please help

    • I am SO GLAD that I came here to this WEBSITE before finishing the Quest Life Dreams & Legacies because now I am NOT GOING TO FINISH IT. I feel SO SORRY for all of you! Wow – I have LOVED every minute of playing The Sims Freeplay UNTIL NOW. I came here to find out WHERE the Button & Age Machine is just like one person did & after reading what happens in this quest (How one of your Sims DIES) n then ALL your Sims age (whether you want them to or not) & eventually DIE. πŸ™ And the promise of reversing this (despite buying LPs to do so) DOESN’T even work or if it does your Sim cannot be returned to the same state PLUS your LPs get taken anyway among other HORROR stories – well I’d RATHER keep my Sims they way they are NOW – THANK YOU. I HAVEN’T found the Age machine OR pushed any button or aged any Sim (I’m only 25% done) so I’m STOPPING this mission NOW. I don’t care if I don’t get to do any more updates. It would be nice to have The Beach tho & I heard something about an ARCADE? Hmmm, I’m lvl 32. Can anyone pls tell me if its’ true I can’t have those missions since I’m stopping here? Again, sorry to everyone who completed this dumb quest-sounds like Hell to me. I’d ADVICE EVERYONE ELSE – NOT TO DO IT!

    • Agree. Just seems EA did not think this upgrade through very well. Besides the outrageous cost of trying to keep sims from aging, and the huge increase in time it takes to complete actions (including randomization of objects gathered for hobbies), the upgrade introduced a number of bugs. Too many other good games out there to play to wait around and hope EA sees the light. Sure hope EA chooses to do something positive and soon based off of all the negative feedback. Advice for EA: hire some good software designers/testers. It’s a smart investment.

  • What happens when my Teen Idol teen turns into an adult? No more Teen Idol? I’m trying to build the Town sign and get the Teen Idol Mansion. This aging thing blows. Both my pre-teens are about to age up and then I won’t have any more to do the pre-teen actions with.

    • It really does. :\
      The hobby isn’t the only way to earn Sim Town Sign resources, though! You can do interactions with your teen idol sim to earn the resources, too. I found having them date another teen & having them sign autographs and etc. found more resources.

  • My life dreams tab is empty, I can not complete the life dreams and legacies quest with out the life dreams where are they?

    • Go to a wardrobe and change clothes and assign it there. But I’ve learned if you don’t start as a baby you won’t complete it all. And it’s dumb. You do the exact same action over and over and over. No good!

      • You can complete it all, it depends on who you use. I find that most adults can start from nothing and complete it before elder!

      • I have tried over and over to get a life dream none shows under the tab, 4 sims have died already, not finding a way to give the personality to any of them.

  • I DON’T want to do this quest after reading what ALL of you have gone though & I DON’T want my Sims to die period. I did TRY to stop the Quest as I wrote above in my 1st post. BUT, I guess I didn’t notice until now that someone stated that “IMPORTANT NOTICE: Once Osiris builds the AGE CONTROLLER, your Sims will naturally age when they complete actions.” I stopped the Quest yesterday but didn’t notice until today that there IS a small ring around each of my Sims heads on the chart that is starting to turn color slightly in one spot. :.( Dang it. I haven’t found the Age Machine so I couldn’t push any button but I guess he already made it. πŸ™ I immediately STOPPED my Sims from doing any actions so they don’t age (& I have two Seniors named after my mother & father-in-law that I DON’T want to lose!) so can someone PLEASE tell me – is there a WAY to REVERSE this Quest now (I’m only 24% done) to go back to before I started it n NOT start it at all? PLEASE HELP! I only have 14 Sims & they’re a Family n each is represented from someone in MY real life Family & I don’t want to lose them! THANKS!

  • I’m at level 25 and have not completed the life dreams and legacies quest because It hasn’t popped up yet. My question is how do i age my sims? Osiris hasn’t shown up yet to build he age controller, when will he come to do this?:(

    • I have a similar problem I think. I am at level 25 too, and I actually did have the life dreams and legacies quest waiting but I couldn’t do it yet because I was still on the quilting quest. When the carnival update came out, I was still on the quilting quest but I updated the game anyways. After that i finished the quilting quest, but I realized the life dreams and legacies quest was no longer there. I only have the need for steed and the unicorn one. It just disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back. Does anyone have or know how to solve this problem?

  • This is a terrible update. DO NOT complete this quest. I hope EA sees this mistake and corrects it soon; otherwise, they should get ready to lose a lot of money and customers.

  • Hey
    Any idea when they will add more personalities? The geeky and sporty are fun but leave me wanting more diversity. Lol

  • I’m at level 40 already but i still couldnt build the beach. I think I missed completing the Life Dreams & Legacies quest. After i read the comments here, I dont think i want to get the age machine. I just want to build the beach. Anybody could help me?

  • Any idea how to complete the quest “I want to be a level 2 diver or more and then show off my moves”?

  • Howdy! I’m at work browsing your blog from my
    new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog
    and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

  • I hope you all are doing well and having success with your SIMs. I desperately need some advice. I “moved on” the baby that is in the SIMS FREEPLAY “Life & Legacies” Quest because I made a mistake in gender.

    Background: I’m having some serious health issues that has made me more or less home bound when I’m not working. I’ve been recreating my RL family in the SIMS FREEPLAY world that I don’t get to see much. I didn’t mind the “moving on” aspect if this quest because I can just recreate them and myself, unlike in RL. Eh, sorry, I don’t mean to make this a sob story… I’m just pointing a possible positive element to the new update. Anyways…

    So, as I’m sure some of you know, my quest has now disappeared. I had no idea it would do that! I just thought I’d lose an orb! Please advise me on how I can get my quest reinstated. I also do spend RL money on this game and now am invested in more than one way in it. Any and every thought or possible solution is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for your time and attention.

  • Hi there, I haven’t played my sims for almost a week so i didn’t finish my in-stitch set quest at level 24 in the designated week. I just finished it yesterday. Now, I’m already at level 28 but there aren’t new quest available since the in-stitch set quest at level 24. Usually, I get a new quest right after I finish the other one. What’s the problem?

  • Any cheats for the new updates! Everything cost so much money and lp it’s doing my he’s in I’m actually considering deleting the game it’s a bag of w*** since the new update im never gona get that many orbs to open the beach arcade ect so I need a cheat!!

  • Hello, I am at level 23 in the sims freeplay and am curious, if I don’t give my sim a personality will that mean they won’t age up automatically and die? ( Or do I have to give them one?) Thanks.