The Sims Freeplay

The Sims FreePlay: Saddle Up! Update

(BEFORE YOU UPDATE, ALWAYS backup your save game!)

Sims FreePlay version 5.4.0 is now out, bringing the game to take up at least 537 MB!
Horses have arrived, along with sparkly Unicorns!

Restore the once majestic Stables to their former glory and take care of your very own Horses. Get the saddle ready and jump aboard for the ride of your life!

– New Stunning Stables: Complete the “Need for Steed” Quest at Level 11+ and build the perfect home for your horses!

– Take a Ride: Take care for your new lovable Horses, feed them carrots, groom their manes, and gallop around a rustic open paddock.

– Grab a Saddle: Unlock exciting new hobbies including Show Tricks and Vaulting. Complete each hobby to unlock different breeds from gorgeous black to breathtaking light bay Horses.

– Reach New Heights: Feel the ultimate rush as you and your steed take to the air in the Show Jumping Hobby. Unlock it by completing the “Hidden Unicorn” Quest at Level 14 and higher – available MAY 2ND.
(Could you bold the date?)

– Magical Mysteries: Collect all the ribbons in the Show Jumping Hobby to unlock a majestic sparkly Unicorn!

– Surf’s Up: Hit the swell in the all-new Surfing Hobby. Take on the waves and unlock a gnarly Surf Van for the long Summer days.

– Make a Splash: Take a dive in the new Swimming area of the Beach. Don’t worry, it’s shark proof of course!

– LIMITED EDITION: Complete the “Need for Steed” Quest in 7 DAYS (May 14th) to unlock the rainbow-powered Unicorn Painting!

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– Life Dreams are now limited to how complete you can fulfill them by your Sims’ age. Once this limit has been reached (as indicated by the new silver bar with tic marks in the menu), the Sim must be aged up in order to continue. (For example, the maximum percentage an Adult Sim can fulfill their Life Dream is 85%. To progress, they must become a Senior Sim.)

Never fear, though! Aging is not forced once you maximize your Sim’s life dream for their age. Once maximized, you have the option of aging up your Sim immediately (FOR FREE!), or waiting until later before you continue!

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