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The Sims Live Broadcast recap!

Written by sww

What would a broadcast be without some technical difficulties and we had them! The demo of The Sims 3 into the future was very shaky that they had to reschedule it. But here is a recap of all that they told us:

The Sims 3 Into the Future

New world name is: Arcadia Landing

You get to that world using a portal you get from Emmet the Time traveller. You will meet futuristic people, people who dont care for the futuristic stuff and your descendants there! (You will find people related to you!)

There is a basecamp in Arcadia Landing, it feels a bit like travelling to World Adventures to me. A world away from home!

We will get more information when they reschedule the broadcast!


  • Holoscreens
  • Hover cars/boards
  • Jetpacks
  • Plumbots, Cleaningbots, Careerbots – a lot of bots that can make your Simlife easier!
  • laser rhythmacon – new instrument
  • New careers (astronomer was mentioned) and self employed bot dealer.
  • There is a Bot arena with a bot training career.
  • Actions you do in the present (regular world) will affect who you know in the future.

ts3_ep11_announce_shot_03_004 ts3_ep11_announce_shot_02_002 ts3_ep11_ann_world_holo_sh01_tk01


The Sims 3 Movie Stuff

The Pack has 3 styles, western, comic book, horror. See the screenshots and trailer:


The Sims 4

Mark these dates in your calender:

August 20th: EA press conference, it will show the first gameplay from The Sims 4

August 22nd, Live broadcast that will show live gameplay from The Sims 4! 8AM PDT, bit earlier than usual because they are broadcasting from Germany.

Check out this Facebook Album by @snw for pictures of The Sims 4 team members!

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