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The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Preview (Gamescom)

At Gamescom in Germany I have seen 2 presentations about Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles. It is an adventure pack for The Sims Medieval, we are used to terms ‘expansion pack’ and ‘stuff pack’, this adventure pack is somewhere in the middle as to how much content it adds.

What this pack mostly brings is a whole new ambition in which you decide the outcome of the big war between the pirates from Aarbyville and the nobles from Tredony. You decide this by which quests you choose and the choices within the quests, each quest you do influences what you can do next. If you choose a few pirate-aimed quests, the noble-aimed quests will disappear. So far in Sims Medieval each quest is separate from the next quest, while different ambitions did influence what quests/heroes you wanted to play it stopped there. With pirates and nobles, I can imagine replaying this ambition many times to let the nobles win the war or the pirates or make them have a truce; I wonder if you can have an option that continues the war.

You start with the monarch and through the quest system you can decide if you are having a pirate or monarch noble. The nobles and pirates each have their own style of clothing, objects and hair. And they are just so gorgeous; the Sims Medieval team does keep up their high standards.
The pirates are at the beach; they got shipwrecked and blame the nobles for this. While the nobles are at the forest, they thought that they came to your kingdom for negotiations with the pirates about a truce.

As I said you can choose to be a noble or a pirate monarch, each of these gives you a unique dueling move. We saw the pirate move and it involved spitting into the other persons face. Also the pirate monarch can have parrots, while the noble one can have falcons! There are 12 color options for each of these. I am not entirely sure how you collect them, but as soon as I know how, I will mention it. These birds are not just pretty pets, they can also be used to attack other Sims or maybe even search for treasure.

“Interrogation” Chair
Let me stress this, you do not torture the Sims, you interrogate them. There is a difference in there… somewhere 😉 . The interrogation chair in the presentation was at the town square. Every hero can interrogate another Sim, the goal is to lower their will but keep their alertness up so that they do not fall asleep. A few of the options you get are ‘show Sim the box’, tickling and dousing the Sim in water. However, some Sims actually like these interrogation techniques, increasing their will.

Treasure Hunting
A new game play interaction that has been added in Pirates and Nobles is treasure hunting. Your sim gets treasure maps and shovels from for example the village shoppe. Then you select the treasure map in the inventory and start ‘search for treasure’. The map will give you hint where it is, like on the pit of judgment lot, near the path to the throne room. Then your hero gets out their shovel and starts digging. The Sim in the presentation got a “Slime covered gold bar”, which they can then sell for some simoleons. The Hero can also get a grim reaper disguise, which is an awesome looking disguise. Makes your Sim looks like a black and white grim reaper 😀

There are new achievements in the game
There are also a lot of new items, some of which you have to trade for.