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The Sims Mobile – Inventory update

Written by Annabelli_22

Soon we’ll have the first update since The Sims Mobile moved from Maxis to FireMonkeys.
And what an update it will be!

Soon we’ll have the first update since The Sims Mobile moved from Maxis to FireMonkeys, and what an update it will be!

SimGuruVix, the new community manager for The Sims Mobile (as well as the community manager for The Sims Freeplay) shared a blog post with some highlights of their first update for The Sims Mobile and we are excited!
Lets dive into those highlights.

Inventory Categories!

The day is finally here (well ok, soon) that we can actually find things in our inventory.
Our inventories will be divided in several categories, as well as one for event items, and heirlooms!
There is also a recent category! Which will show the 20 most recent items that went into your storage. This will come in handy when you get that special item from quests and need to place it to claim those tokens every 12 hours. No more endlessly searching ‘the void’.

Roommate quest

There will be a new quest, called “Roommate Race”. This will give Simmers the opportunity to get a 3rd sim in their household, with a limited time quest.

“What’s better than 2 Sims? 3 Sims! We’ve added a new way for all players to earn their 3rd Sim via Limited Time Quest. You’ll also get to experience some of the little improvements we’ve made to Quests! I’m going to lose my freakin’ mind I’m so excited!”
– SimGuruJack, Associate Game Designer on TSM





Llamazoom has been a dread to many for a while, but in this update, FireMonkeys is tweaking this too! They’ve made the time to complete the llamazoom a bit more consistent.

June pride month

Because June is pride month and the update will be released in this month, there will be a quest to earn some awesome rainbow goodies, as well as there will be some FREE things in the store.



New SimGurus

Since there is a whole new team behind The Sims Mobile now, they’ve taken the time to introduce a few of them. Vix is already on Twitter, and others will follow later, though not all of them. Remember to be respectful to them, at all times.

In our SimGuru Squad so far, we have:

SimGuruVix – Community Manager
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/SimGuruVix
Previously worked on: The Sims Freeplay, Real Racing 3, Need for Speed No Limits
Likes: People, talking, makeup, ska, cute socks, being EXTRA
Dislikes: Coffee, not being able to edit Tweets, silence

SimGuruIlya – Producer
Previously worked on: The Sims Freeplay
Likes: Guitars, skateboards, my 2yo daughter Nika, building stuff
Dislikes: Emails!, when it’s too hot outside, when it’s too cold inside

SimGuruBerty – Associate Technical Director
Previously worked on: The Sims Freeplay
Likes: Coffee, chocolate, pastries, soccer, romance, DOGS!
Dislikes: Bad coffee, slow internet, bad coffee, socialising at parties, glasses without lenses

SimGuruJack – Associate Game Designer
Previously worked on: Real Racing 3
Likes: Indoor Plants, coffee, Indian food, groovin’
Dislikes: Discussing my mysterious past, staring at the sun for long periods of time, celery

Overall we are very excited what this update will bring, and we hope we’re not alone. This looks like a great start for FireMonkeys.
The full patch notes for this update will be shared when the update is actually live, somewhere in June. We don’t know an exact date yet.

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