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The Sims Mobile June Update!

Written by Annabelli_22

Today The Sims Mobile got quite a big update with lots of bug fixes, but also a revamp of certain features.

Today The Sims Mobile got quite a big update with lots of bug fixes, but also a revamp of certain features.
EA has provided us with in game currency to try stuff out, but this in no way influences our opinion.

Patch notes

First off, here are the patch notes for you to read: link
But if you’re just looking for a summary and to find out what this means for you – let’s take a look at the highlights! There are loads of new and altered things in this update, so let’s get started.

A Surprising Choice

New in the game is that you will now sometimes get “A surprising choice”. Here you will be prompted with a few choices on how to react.
Each reaction will have a certain bonus, but beware, those bonuses come with a trade off, which can either be SimCash or cupcakes.

Heirloom store

The heirloom store also got a whole new look, as well as new options!
Besides retiring Sims, you now have extra ways to earn heirloom tickets. There’s the Free Family Chest, which you can open every day for bonuses.
You can spend your heirloom tickets in the heirloom store on an heirloom chest, which will gift you a random heirloom.
Most of this will unlock when you reach level 16.

Sim Traits

Great news – Sims can now swap their traits! Just go to the Sim info panel, go to the traits tab. Once you’re there, click on the arrows to swap that trait.
This will cost you heirloom tickets to do, so it is not endless. It seems it costs 5 green heirloom tickets to swap.


No build is ever perfect, so with this new update, there are some new bugs. The team is already aware of some them, but just in case you encounter them, here is some information on some known bugs.

There is a visual bug on energy items. They show only the base energy and not the correct amount, with energy from supporting objects.
If you want to see the actual amount of energy you gain, you can click on your Sims energy bar at any time, and that will show how much energy each item type will get you.
Link to visual bug explanation.

A more urgent issue with this update is re-sizing or moving a room will charge you as if you purchase a new room.
The team is working on a fix for that ASAP.
If you encounter this bug, please contact an adviser for help.
More information on this bug

If you find a new bug, please reach out to the team on the forums on explaining your bug.

All in all, we’re excited to try out the new features in The Sims Mobile! Fingers crossed we find something exciting in our family chest!

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