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The Sims Mobile Party time!

Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims Mobile has recently had a major update.
I know we haven’t been covering The Sims Mobile lately, but this one couldn’t be passed over.

In the last update you can now switch between active and non-active Sims! So while you can still only have 4 active Sims max, you can now choose which one you want to have active.
You can do this through the family portrait. You can select Sims to make passive, or playable. Elders and children still can’t be made playable though, only the adults.

You also have to have room for a new Sim to make a non active Sim active. A Sim that is made newly active, will start out with no energy.

Party in ANY house

But with this update, there is another update that came from the server side of things. You can now host a party in ANY of your houses!
How this works, well, have one of your active Sims go to the house that you want to host the party at.
And then, well, host a party! Show off those awesome builds on the other lots you have build!

Keep in mind, that while you can host parties in any of the houses now, this doesn’t mean you can host more parties than before.
The limit is still 1 party per week.

House Party Competition

To celebrate this party feature, as well as the The Sims 21st anniversary, The Sims Mobile is hosting a competition.
To enter you just have to follow @TheSimsMobile on Twitter, and tweet an image (or images) of your party with the hashtags #TSMhouseparty & #EAGiveaway & tag @thesimsmobile
If you have a party error, don’t worry, you can still enter by sharing your party house screenshots!

We hope you share your party pics! We sure will!

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