The Sims Mobile – Quality of Life Update

Sul sul! It’s nearly time, the announced first update from Firemonkeys will be here this week!
Or to be more specific, June 6th, 2am UK time. So when you wake up tomorrow morning, the update will be ready and waiting for you!

Patch notes

And with the update, there are also patch notes!

Full blog post here

We talked about a few new things that are coming in the update in a previous post
With a new quest to get a third roommate (you will not get this quest if you have already unlocked a 3rd Sim), inventory categories etc.


But there is more that this update brings. Wumples will make an appearance in The Sims Mobile!

Wumples’ Quests

Wumples, the sassiest Sim in the land, has arrived in town with all-new special quests. Each quest will come with new and exciting prizes, and prizes earned from these quests will unlock multiples of that item – which means you can purchase extra copies of the item for your Sims’ homes.


Suprising choice

Surprising choice will be adjusted, there will always be a neutral option and some options have been removed that had a drawback.


We did report that Llamazoom would be adjusted in this update, we just didn’t know how yet.

  • Amount of tasks required will be reduced for higher level players (from 35 and up), the higher you get, the more reduction you’ll see. This caps at level 50.
  • Effort to complete Llamazoom is now more balanced
  • A stack of tasks will now always start with completing an event. So if you have all your Sims prepared to finish a hobby, career or relationship event, you can use those for the Llamazoom, without having to first complete other tasks
  • Rewards have been rebalanced, incl extra Simoleons!

Photography and Influencer quests

the quests to unlock the photography and influencer careers have been around a few times, but they were always Limited time events. Now, the quest will unlock for you when you reach a certain level!
Level 8 for the Photography quest
Level 15 for the Internet Icon (influencer) quest.
If you already reached these levels, but don’t have the careers yet, then they will trigger for you as well.

Quest chapters

Some quests will no be in chapters. These are different than the event chapters.

  • First chapter begins unlocked
  • Each day a new chapter will unlock (even if you haven’t finished the previous chapter)

This will spread quests more over days, rather than speeding through them.


Pricing in CAS will be adjusted that all variants will have the same price, rather than having all different prices.
You will now be able to place 6 heirloom shelves, instead of 3.
Events will now more clearly show the exact duration to complete, making planning easier.

There are no bug fixes listed in the update.

Happy Simming!

Author: Lebanna

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