The Sims 4

This Community is awesome – The Sims 4 CAS Recolor tool available!

If you have The Create a Sim Demo, you probably felt the same as us. It is absolutely amazing, the color options for the clothes/hair/etc just weren’t enough though! This amazing The Sims community saves the day! Move over to and check out their recolor tool.


It only takes 15 steps in total to make the recolor. I’m so excited about this! All the instructions are here.



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  • Thanks for helping get the news about this out to the community. It is much appreciated!

    I’m expecting to do a substantial update to the tool this comming weekend to add filters to the list of clothing items so it is easier to find the exact item you want to recolor. Also, there are a few issues that I’m researching to try and fix some issues people are seeing.