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Three Simcity Blogs

These past weeks three new blogs (including an insider blog) were released on the official simcity website, they are very informative blogs!



As you can see, SimCity World is a collection of features that enhance a player’s game experience by connecting them with one another. Through Challenges, Leaderboards, and the Global Market, SimCity World lets Mayors shape their cities’ stories in different ways, connect and engage with each other, and contribute to a global SimCity community. We built the SimCity World features as a way to surface that interconnected world to the player and show them how their gameplay can be complemented by being a part of it.



For the European City Sets included with the Digital Deluxe version of SimCity, we wanted to create a wow-moment when placing down a global landmark in your city and seeing the RCI in your city transform to match the look and feel of that nation’s landmark. By doing this, we are able to essentially create a “little-London”, “little-Paris”, or “little-Berlin” effect. We’ll be going into more detail about how landmarks work at a later date. Today, I want to go over how we chose the RCI architecture for the three European City Sets.

THE BUSINESS OF THE GLOBAL MARKET (needs an origin account to view)


One of the many new features in SimCity is the online Global Market. The Global Market can be thought of as a shared stock market that tracks the prices of the several resources we have in the game. The prices of resources are not fixed, but are based on player-driven market activity. If more cities are selling than buying, then the prices of goods will drop. Conversely, the price will rise if the buyers outnumber the sellers.

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