TimeLine of The Sims

We hoped and kind of expected a The Sims 4 Announcement today we prepared this The Sims TimeLine from The Sims 1 announcement to the upcoming release of The Sims 4. (Not on scale!)



Some times we can note:

Between the Sims 2 announcement and The Sims 2 Release there were two The Sims Expansion Packs

Between The Sims 3 announcement and release of it there were two Stuff Packs and one Expansion Pack

Between The Sims 4 announcement and the release there will be at least two expansion packs and one stuff pack that we know of right now!

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  • And if you’re playing with the release dates, you can see that “The Sims 1” and “The Sims 2” lasted +/- 4 years and an half.
    With that point of view we could expect “The Sims 4” for the 1st quarter of 2014 😉

    But, it’s just speculation 😛

    • 1st quarter of 2014 would be very good for my super impatient quality. Then we can enjoy the future pack and from there go to Sims 4 😀

      Of course, The Sims 3 did get delayed by a few months, that can still happen. I remember the OUTRAGE when that happened in Feb. 2009

  • Great overview and a good idea – it is really nice to see what we can historically expect from EA when they announce a new version of the game.

  • I think that The Sims 4 will be in September 2014. Look at the dates of first announcements and releases. Between announcement and release TS2 there is one and 1/4 of year. With The Sims 3 is the same.