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Want your own The Sims 3 Badges in real life?

I’ve been following a crowd-funding project called Honored, it is a system that allows you to save and archive achievements you get in a game. It also allows you get real embroidered badges to show off your achievement!

SAN FRANCISCO – Announced via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Honored ( is a free online destination for gamers to chronicle their video game achievements across multiple gaming platforms, celebrate those achievements socially, and offers physical goods in the form of badges to display triumphantly in the real world.

Members will be able to connect with other gamers, share their gaming accomplishments across social media and optional high quality badges can be purchased to proudly display achievements at all of the events and conventions where gamers gather to celebrate the culture of games.

Individuals who contribute become eligible for closed beta access in addition to rewards, ranging from physical badges, signed posters and the creation of their own unique badges.

This crowdfunding effort is live now and can be found on Indiegogo.

“You’ve invested years of playtime into improving your Gamerscore and collecting achievements, but those achievements are locked away behind each game system’s wall garden, until now. That’s why we’ve created Honored,“ said J Eckert, founder and CEO of Honored. “The passionate community of gamers worldwide wants to recognize each other’s epic achievements, and have a tangible real-world way of representing them. Imagine, 20 years from now, opening up a shoe box, and digging through a treasure trove of badges highlighting a beloved era of gaming in your life.”


Normally these sort of projects are for games like BattleField, Need for Speed and other games I do not play! So I’ve asked them a while back if they were going to include The Sims games. Tonight @Buzzspinner (former Maxis PR Sr. Director – he knows our community passion) announced that they will support The Sims 3!

If you can and want to support them check out their crowd-funding site:


I’ve never achieved the achievement: Exercise in Fertility (Get a Sim to have 15 children), when I do it might be cute to get that embroidered for when I meet up with other Simmers! Many of us already have their rooms filled with PlumBob goodies, these fit right in! These badges and archiving of achievements could especially work well with The Sims 4 release next year.

What do you think, would you like to get real life badges about your Sims game?
How about a Custom badge for owning every single The Sims game is worth the emphasis? (an undervalued achievement in my opinion!)


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