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Why multitasking in The Sims 4 makes characters feel ‘more believable’

We linked you to the GDC presentation of Multitasking before@Megan_Nicolett was present at the presentation and shares her impressions of it:

In “Concurrent Interactions in The Sims 4,” Ingebretson explained that Maxis’ goal with the upcoming game was to make it “the most natural iteration” of the series. Part of this required implementing one of the series’ most frequently requested features: multitasking.

“When we looked at the sims and tried to decide what would make them feel more natural and more believable, one thing that we realized is that in the real world, people do things at the same time all the time,” Ingebretson said. “For instance, people stand around in a bar drinking drinks, sitting down. Sometimes people will stand and sit and talk to each other. It seems very natural when characters in a game can multitask.”

Full article is on Polygon

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