Breakdown of the Sims 4 Gameplay video

The Sims 4 Gameplay video was released just yesterday. And I’m sure just like us, you have watched it multiple times to catch as many new info as you could. So here is a breakdown of things I think is worth pointing out. Enjoy!

Please remember that at the beginning of the video, Ryan states that the demo they used was from E3 and was still in beta. So there have been a few changes since than.

Loading screens and travel

After a quick run through CAS, they load up the community park Magnolia blossom park. When they load it up, we see for the very first time what loading screens look like. I personally like the clean look all throughout the game, and this counts for the loading screens as well.
Screenshot 2014-07-20 13.58.58
Screenshot 2014-07-20 13.58.59

Want to go to a different lot? Just choose “travel to” or as @SimguruGraham explained on Twitter you could go to a lot that you can see from where you Sim currently is.
Screenshot 2014-07-20 14.07.00

User interface

The general information panel is where all info about needs, the Sims traits and other general information.

Notifications, like when you learn a trait of another Sim, or when you have gained a skill point. Or your house is on fire, show on the right side of the screen. Depending on the information, it is a blue, orange (alarm) or purple (death) box.


We already had seen a bit how the Gallery works in previous demos. But They now showed us what happens if you import a whole house! This was my personal favorite bit. It just replaces your current house with the new one. So no need to go to Edit town -> move family into the bin -> bulldoze house/lot -> place new house -> move family back in and return to playing. With the Gallery is so much more fluent! And the items that were deleted when placing a new room, go into your family inventory. I’m assuming something similar happens when the new house deletes the old house. You can filter in the Gallery by Households, lots or rooms.
Screenshot 2014-07-20 14.14.35


On the bottom left corner there is a ton of new information. For example the 3 clouds/tought bubbles above the Sims head. These are the current whims of that Sim. They can be white, or be coloured. The coloured clouds are triggered by an specific mood. The white ones I’m not sure, but I think those are neutaral. If you don’t want to complete a certain whim, you can remove it using the ‘x’ that appears when hoovering over it.
Screenshot 2014-07-20 13.59.46

Also actions that are triggered because of the Sims emotional state have a colour indication next to it. Actions with an icon next to it, shows what trait gives you that option.


We saw a gardener working in a public area. But also saw harvestable fruits! A wild appletree. We have heard in previous blogs and tweets and what not about other plants as well. But seeing it is always great. And did you see the water dripping of it too? Maybe the gardener has given it too much water?
Screenshot 2014-07-20 14.04.22


Some other things that noticed me are:

  • Sims change outfits to attire that is appropriate for their environment, example: Sims go to the gym, they change to their athletic gear.
  • Parties:
    1. It costs money to throw a party.
    2. Get your household to do certain tasks during a party. Got a bar? Why not let your roommate tend it.
    3. Parties have goals you can achieve, though these are optional.
    4. Parties start as soon as you invite people.
  • Sims with a higher (athletic) skill can mentor other Sims

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